Established in the year 1982, the wide range of networks of Adobe Systems Incorporated extends to places like Latin America, India, Europe, China, and the Pacific Rim etc. Revolutionizing engagement in software solutions, Adobe creates products used by hobbyists, video makers, graphic designers and web designers. Its software solutions are primarily designed for network publishing which includes video, web, wireless, print etc.


Adobe India has distinctly well defined packages meant for its different job profiles. Here is a look:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Software Quality Engineer INR 610000 – INR 800000 with an annual average of INR 696667
Program Manager IT INR 548603 – INR 2657069
Technical Support Engineer INR 145255 – INR 576925
Lead Quality Engineer INR 746000- INR 936000 with an annual average of INR 840749
Quality Engineering Manager INR 1400000- INR 1900000 with an annual average of INR 1700000
Regional Sales Manager INR 749846 – INR 3313834
HR Coordinator INR 158859 – INR 637648
Web engineer INR 700000- INR 830000 with an annual average of INR 770000
Software Test Engineer INR 190958 – INR 1010137
Computer Scientist INR 140000 – INR 2600000 with an annual average of INR 1310000
Software Developer INR 1150000 – INR 1250000 with an annual average of INR 1200000
Technical Staff Member INR 700000 – INR 1500000 with a annual average of INR 919524
Engineering Manager INR 1890000 – INR 2400000 with an average of INR 2120000
Program Manager INR 1360000 – INR 1550000 with a annual average of INR 1450000
Software Engineer INR 536000 – INR 1300000 with a annual average of INR 782462
Software QA Engineer INR 600000 – INR 950000 with an annual average of INR 762286
Senior Technical Writer INR 1060000 – INR 1780000 with a annual average of INR 1420000

Average Salaries in Adobe India Based on Experience

Needless to mention, the pay packet acts as a major incentive for employees to motivate themselves for the best, and packages at Adobe are carefully designed to that end. Due hikes at crucial junctures are meant to reward employees amply for their valuable contribution to the success of the concern:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than 1 year INR 532835
1-4 years INR 550154
5-9 years INR 1091385
10-19 years INR 1664393
20 years and more INR 1400000

Average Salaries in Adobe India based on Cities

Salary variations based on costs of living in different cities also exist:

City Annual Average Salaries
Noida Uttar Pradesh INR 747819
Bangalore Karnataka INR 877686
New Delhi Delhi INR 792633

Annual Average Salaries Based on Degree

The degree based salaries at Adobe are listed below:

Degree Average Annual Salaries
Bachelor of Technology (BT / BTech) Computer Science (CS) & Engineering INR 474147 – INR 1853527
Bachelor's Degree INR 369543 – INR 1851840
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE) Electronics and Communications Engineering INR 370348 – INR 798497
Master of Business Administration (MBA) INR 299616 – INR 2608654

Average Salaries based on Gender

The average gender based salaries at Adobe India stand something like this:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 569039
Male INR 913659


The comprehensive bucket of benefits at Adobe India includes:

  • Scientists in Pay Band 4 with Pay Scale of INR 37400- 67000 and Grade Pay of INR 10, 000 and INR 12,000 or above (Apex Scale +HAG)- INR 30,000 per year
    • Paid Holiday
    • Stock Options
    • Life Insurance/ Disability
    • Gym/Health Club
    • Paid Sick Leave
    • Personal Accident Policy
    • Educational Assistance Program
    • Gym
    • Onsite Cafe at Bangalore and Noida offices
    • Discounts on Adobe Software for personal use

    Time off: Substantial time off is granted for maintenance of overall health and improvement of productivity. 15 days of paid time each year, 10 public (published) local holidays, sabbatical leave (paid time off after continuous years of service) are granted.

    Medical Insurance, including maternity, hospitalization, and annual medical check-ups are provided. The entire healthcare benefit covers spouse, up to two children and parents who are dependent on employees.

    Provident Fund, Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)Â (allowing employees to share ownership if they aid in building the company by buying its stock at a price that has been deducted from the ideal market value) and Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) grants, are also provided.

    *Salaries are subject to change with time and without prior notice