Advertising Industry is fastest growing Industry in India. This Industry is having many segments like film, television, music, print media, advertising and digital etc. Among all segment, digital segment is the one, which is having the robust growth recently. Advertising industry is having wide horizon, from small scale of organisation to large scale of organisation. The Industry had picked the robust growth in recent period. This led the excess work force to provided with employment opportunities. This Industry is having the brighter future and huge scope. Even the government of India continuously supporting advertising Industry and the policies of the government are also favouring industry in positive way.

Scope in the Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry is having attractive employment opportunities in the fast growing economy of India. Advertising industry employ the talented workforce. For different type of professions, Industry require different qualification. For example, handling the client they require a MBA person. Services in studio requires the Bachelor degree or Master degree in Commercial Art i.e BFA or MFA. Media Services require the Master degree in Mass Communications, Journalism or MBA. Film and Production require special courses in these film. The Degree holder requires training and they work accordingly.
The professionals in this field are required to have skills of creativity. They should be creative in language communication skills, drawing, innovative thinking etc.

The market of Advertising Industry is expanding with time. So, the scope of this Industry is also increasing. As the economy’s pace of growth is slowed down, but its starts on increasing. So, the advertising industry is picking up faster than the national’s average growth rate.

Salaries of Professionals in Advertising Industry

If we see the salaries in Advertising Industry in major Metropolitan cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai), Mumbai have higher salary packages. You can see the comparison of salaries in major metropolitan cities in table given below.

Salaries of Advertising Industry in major metropolitan cities
Delhi Mumbai
Designation Low Salary High Salary Low Salary High Salary
Copywriter 155000 222000 175000 225000
Art Director 350000 500000 375000 500000
Client Servicing Executive 222000 300000 225000 300000
Corporate communication executive 225000 300000 275000 325000
Creative Director 225000 325000 250000 325000
Direct Marketing Manager 200000 375000 200000 375000
Graphic Designer 175000 220000 175000 220000
Marketing Head/ VP 350000 500000 350000 500000
Online/Digital Marketing Head 250000 375000 250000 375000
Internal Marketing Manager 250000 325000 275000 350000
Public Relation Executive 150000 200000 200000 250000

Note: all salaries are in Indian INR
Creative director are enjoying the best salaries in Mumbai. For graphic designer, Bangalore is paying the highest salary in India. Internal marketing managers are also paid well by Bangalore. If we analyse the salaries in these cities, Mumbai is giving the handsome package to advertising Industry. Because, Mumbai is the hub for creative skill holder and film industry. This makes the mumbai to choose the best talented and creative brains toward their Industry.

If we see the national average, the creative director are paid the highest salaries. This makes the profession of creative director is much more attractive. They are getting average annual packages of Rs. 10 lakh. where, Art director is getting average annual salary package of Rs. 4.75 lakh. Salaries of other profession of advertising Industry are given below the chart.