Even though the teaching profession pays less but the working hours are convenient as they save much of time to devote on personal tasks. But now a day, the teaching professionals are also paid handsomely. B.Ed has become a compulsion for teaching in government as well as private schools. The Person should be graduate in humanities, science or commerce for getting the admission in this course.

With the increase in population and economic growth, the need for providing primary and secondary education is also increasing simultaneously. This stimulates the demand for teaching staff in Indian schools. The need for quality of education is becoming an essential agenda for the education policy of the country. B.Ed course structure is also modified to increase the skill of the teacher for teaching in smart classes and making conducive environment for pupils to increase learning and analysing skills.

Salary after B.Ed in Private and Government Sector

The salary after B.ed in private and government sector makes a difference. In the private sector, they generally pay less to the freshers. But as they gain experience, their salary keeps on increasing with experience. More qualified, skilled and experienced have greater opportunities to teach in highly reputed schools. Those schools generally pay handsome packages that some time double the salary in the government sector.

In the government sector, They pay higher to fresher than in private sector. But, their hiring is subjected to the qualifying of all over India test (CTET). The salary band and pay scale are almost similar across the country. Their salary shows the deviation due to the experience level and demand of a particular subject. The following table shows the salary in the private sector and the government sector after B.Ed or with experience.

Salary after B.Ed in Private and Government School
Level Private School Government School
Entering Level Rs 5,000 per month Rs 12,000 per month
Experienced Level Rs 15,000 – Rs 40,000 per month Rs 25,000 – Rs 40,000 per month

Average salary of B.Ed Teacher with year of experience

The salary of teacher keeps on increasing with years of experience increases.The reputed private schools are paying a handsome amount to their teaching staff to retain the highly efficient teaching staff. But their teaching staff is appointed with a difficult level of interview and high level of work experience. Those are very few schools. The salary in average schools with ayear of experience is shown in the following table.

The salary after B.Ed with different year of experience
Year of Experience Average Annual Salary after B.Ed
0-1 years Rs 1.5 lakh
2-4 years Rs 2.5 lakh
5-9 years Rs 3 lakh
10 and more Rs 4 lakh