Ahmedabad has experienced a sea change in the last couple of years. It is making significant contributions to the employment sectors, as well as, industrial development of the region. It is getting upper hand in oil-mining jobs, IT jobs, marketing jobs, etc. People come here seeking new career options in medical, Engineering, Information Technology, Hotels, Call Centers, Teaching and Research. It is no surprise to see a growing number of people moving to Ahmedabad because of the better quality of life in the city, endless job opportunities, and of course, some of the best salaries in the industry.

Top institutes like IIM, NID, and NIFT produce entrepreneurs, startups and businesses that create more job opportunities in the city. Some of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies have their corporate offices at Ahmedabad and the city is the top name for Medical Transcription jobs. Some of the major industries here are chemical industries, textile industry, information technology industry and pharmaceutical industries. Want to know how much you’re worth in Ahmedabad or what kind of salaries the city offers? Well, read on to learn more.

IIM Ahmedabad has witnessed higher salary offers for its candidates by at least 10-15%. The average salaries offered in 2013 were Rs 16-17 lakhs. Plus, the total number of offers too have risen. Consulting firms and firms like RPG Group and Capgemini India too offer higher wages than before.

Popular Job Designations and Salary range
Project Manager in Information Technology can make Rs 600000 to Rs 2400000 per year
Business Process and Management Consultant earns Rs 300000 – Rs 1900000
Management Consultant makes Rs 850000 – Rs 2200000
Chief Executive Officer makes Rs 2100000 – Rs 8200000
Marketing Manager earns Rs 500000 – Rs 1900000
Diploma holders of Master of Business Administration earn Rs 625000 – Rs 3400000
Bachelor's Degree holders earn Rs 600000 – Rs 3000000
Master of Business Administration Finance makes Rs 720000 – Rs 4000000
MBA in Marketing/ Management makes Rs 800000 – Rs 2500000
MBA General makes Rs 400000 – Rs 3000000
Doctorate (Ph D) can make between Rs 1300000 – Rs 4000000
Post Graduate Diploma Finance earns Rs 600000 – Rs 5000000

Salaries offered by the leading Companies in India for MBA’s

ICICI Bank Ltd Rs 800000 – 1400000
HSBC Rs 950000 – 4000000
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) – 1200000 – 1600000
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. Rs 900000 – 1500000
International Business Machines (IBM) Corp Rs 535000 – 1200000
Infosys Limited Rs 800000 -1500000
IBM Global Services Rs 500000 -1500000
HCL Technologies Limited Rs 1100000 – 2900000
Accenture Rs 700000 -1500000
Wipro Technologies Limited Rs 935000 -1400000

The attractive salary packages in Ahmedabad offer excellent options for budding aspirants, especially the students. According to The Economist, the IIM ranks among the best B Schools. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is one of the most reputed institutions in the field of design education and research and is listed among the top Asian programs in the world.

Latest Government Jobs in Gujarat

Blessed with good infrastructure, uninterrupted electricity and good roads, the fast economic growth is creating some of the best Government Jobs. There are vacancies in Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute with lucrative salaries. Current Jobs in 2014 are available in State Health Society, PEB Steel Life Sciences, Printing Cement Chip Design, IT Infrastructure, government banking, etc.

Why Move To Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is a great city to live in and is also inexpensive in terms of healthcare costs, travel bills and rents. The existing IT hubs like Bangalore are already saturated and people find better opportunities in the emerging cities like Ahmedabad. The city is urbanized, culturally rich, and is worth exploring. Ahmedabad textile industry dates back to the 19th century and employs thousands of people from across the country. The garments manufactured here are exported across the world and it is still known as the Manchester of India. The prosperity of textile industry is the mainstay of the city’s economy.
Electricity and cheap labor are easily available, and as the city is located very near to the sea, trade via export and import gets easier. The city is one of the largest exporters of gemstones, as well as, the largest supplier of denim. The automobile industry is flourishing here, and we come across auto giants like Ford, Suzuki, Peugeot established here, modernizing the city’s infrastructure. There is improvement in water supply, electricity and communications, larger and better roads, etc. The industry of information technology too has advanced at a fast pace here. Ahmedabad ranks fifth among the most competitive cities in the country, in terms of education, jobs and better salaries in a number of important fields.

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