Alcatel Lucent, dealing primarily into communications technology and networking, has today emerged as one of the most trusted partners for global enterprises and service providers.


The pay packets meant for the top profiles at the concern are designed keeping in view their employment status and the job responsibilities:

Job Category Annual Average Salary
Tech Leader INR 913000- INR 1150000 with an annual average of INR 1 030000
Lead Software Engineer INR 613122 – INR 1815163
Software Developer INR 410000- INR 950000 with an annual average of INR 587600
Telecommunications Engineer INR 134855 – INR 942801
Network Engineer INR 95754 – INR 455129
Software Development Engineer INR 400000- INR 653000 with an annual average of INR 504182
Radio Frequency Engineer INR 205576 – INR 923522
Information Developer INR 573000- INR 677000 with an annual average of INR 624678
Engineering Manager INR 2500000- INR 2650000 with an annual average of INR 2550000
Engineer INR 195000- INR 450000 with an annual average of INR 393000
Project Manager INR 1500 000- INR 2200000 with an annual average of INR 1750000
Senior Manager INR 600 000- INR 800000 with an annual average of INR 683333
Technical Specialist INR 1200000- INR 1800000 with an annual average of INR 1550000
Senior QA Engineer INR 553000- INR 923000 with an annual average of INR 742117

Annual Average in Salaries in Alcatel Lucent Based on Experience

Salary variations are duly based on differences in work experience as well— as usual the ranges head steadily northwards with growing work experience:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 224216
1-4 years INR 324296
5-9 years INR 797310
10-19 years INR 1545398

Annual Salaries Based on Gender in Alcatel Lucent

The gender based salaries at Alcatel Lucent stand like this:

Gender Average Annual Saries
Female INR 566242
Male INR 644791

Annual Salaries Based on Cities

The variations in pay packets are also influenced by the different costs of living in different cities:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 684058
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 321243
Gurgaon Haryana INR 648888

Average Annual Salaries Based on Degree

The academic qualifications of the employees influence their salaries in a major way. Here is a look:

Degree Average Annual Salaries
Bachelor of Technology (BT / BTech) Information Technology (IT) INR 535374 – INR 912459
Bachelor's Degree INR 221963 – INR 2025551
Bachelor of Technology (BT / BTech) Electronics and Communications Engineering INR 527139 – INR 2097895
Bachelor of Technology (BT / BTech) Computer Science (CS) INR 335804 – INR 1223591
Master of Business Administration (MBA) INR 343498 – INR 882628
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng / BE) Computer Science (CS) & Engineering INR 617837 – INR 1102396

Benefits in Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent has a comprehensive range of benefits in store for its employees’s that may differ with specific countries the company operates in. These benefits include group insurance (life, dental, health etc), retirement benefits, housing, tuition reimbursement, disability income protection, daycare, social security, sick leave, education funding, profit sharing etc. Here is more:

  • Compensation: The compensation package usually contains the company wide bonus plan plus the benchmarked salary. The long term remuneration policy includes stock options and share purchases.
  • Mobility: In a bid to shape an employee’s professional evolution, the company gives him the opportunity to cross geographical boundaries to hone their teamwork and functional diversity
  • Work-Life Balance entails telecommuting and flexible work hours depending on the location

Personal and Career Developmental opportunities can be traced in expert career tracks, personalized professional development plan, e-learning educational portal for employees, and learning opportunities through Alcatel-Lucent University