The primary function of an animator can be simply described as the production of multiple images also known as frames. These frames when placed sequentially are successful in creating an illusion of movement, what is generally known as animation. Model making, 2D, 3D, stop frames or computer generated animations are primarily in vogue. However, in the professional world, the role of animators is not restricted to creating illusions. Here is a list of job roles that the animators are generally entrusted with:

  • Creation of storyboard
  • Short listing clients and providing relevant as per their needs
  • Weaving the animation environment with help of development model design, sets, background, characters, etc
  • Dialogue recording and working with editors at tandem towards the composition of the finished products


One of the profiles that is much in demand, today, animators are entitled to quite impressive salaries that range from INR 103,546 – INR 641,112. Listed below are further details:

Annual Average Salaries based on Job Category

The pay packets designed for the animators in India are duly based on the job role that each of them is entrusted with. Variations are primarily based on responsibilities shouldered and the employment status enjoyed by them. Here is more:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Senior Animator INR 563000
3D Artist INR 291632
Compositor INR 360000
Animation Designer INR 216000
3D Animator INR 232156
Graphic Artist/ Designer INR 300000
Animator INR 254341

Average Annual Salaries Offered by Premium Companies to Animators

Here is a glimpse of the salaries pocketed by animators working for some of the leading companies in the country:

Employers Annual Average Salaries
Fiktion Studio INR 114072 – INR 120000
First Student INR 57720 – INR 228000 with a annual average of INR 140844
Goodwill INR 348000 – INR 372000
Lakshya Digital INR 241000- INR 263000
YSI (Multimedia Animation) INR 288000 – INR 312000
DQ Entertainment INR 291000 – INR 309000
Wat Media (Graphic designer and Animation Composer INR 408000 – INR 444000

Annual Average Salaries to Animators based on Experience

Keeping the general norms in view, the salary range heads a consistent north with growing experience:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 81445 – INR 618252
1-4 years INR 105701 – INR 473436
5-9 years INR 140935 – INR 817029
10-19 years INR 1200000

Annual Average Salaries based on cities

Variations based on the differences in costs of living in various cities also exist:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 61277 – INR 794634
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 270000
New Delhi Delhi INR 150000 – INR 438000
Bangalore Karnataka INR 98920 – INR 775664
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh INR 150000 – Rs 390000

Average Annual Salaries Based on Skill or Specialty

Here is a glimpse of the skill based salaries pocketed by employees in general:

Skills Annual Average Salaries
Adobe Photoshop INR 194397 – INR 305209
3D Animation INR 94333 – INR 564000
3d Rendering INR 387555
Autodesk Maya INR 180000 – INR 488335
Microsoft Word INR 1100000
Graphic Design INR 330000
Autodesk Mudbox INR 228000
3D Max INR 270000
Adobe After Effects INR 360000

Annual Average Salaries based on Certification

The role of the certification attained by animators is no less important than the other factors mentioned above, in determining the annual average salaries of animators:

Certification Annual Average Salaries
MCSE /Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer INR 1020000
B Com INR 420000
Autodesk Civil 3D Certified Professional INR 235000
MBA or Master of Business Administration INR 353749 -INR 2900000
Bachelor's Degree INR 144000 -INR 1025000
MCP or Microsoft Certified Professional INR 810000
HND or Higher National Diploma Graphic Design INR 300000

Annual Average Salaries based on Gender

Here is a glimpse of the gender based salaries of automotive engineers:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 330000
Male INR 294791

Perks and Benefits

Here is a glimpse of the comprehensive range of perks or benefits rewarded to animators in general

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Paid Vacation
  • PMI or Private Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Cell Phone

*Salaries are subject to change with time and without prior notice.