Days have gone when you used to look at each place for best item to buy. New generation is now trending towards online activities. The increased online activities are seen as big opportunities by private players. These companies are investing in Ecommerce and fresh investments are on the rise giving a big push to the whole industry. The time seems to be ripe for Ecommerce.

Ecommerce businesses are not new as different websites have been offering Ecommerce since 1998. However, recent upsurge in internet usage, improved logistic services, online security and above all increased use of plastic money has provided momentum to ecommerce to spread its wings. Not only the big corporates and venture funds are investing but many startups are also joining the bandwagon.

Why do professionals find Ecommerce as lucrative Destination?

Large investments are also attracting a significant chunk of workforce in different streams. One good reason for going with Ecommerce is the opportunity to attain market leadership and achieve exceptional growth within few years. As new companies come up, the opportunities are plenty for senior & middle management as well as freshers.

Workforce in many streams like information technology, marketing, analytics, logistics is finding great new opportunities in the upcoming ventures in Ecommerce business. If we compare last year size of the these companies, many of them have doubled or tripled their headcount within a year.

Hunting Talent from other top companies

The people working at management level in top companies are switching to Ecommerce. Mainly the big players like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are searching for talent to look after their business streams. In hiring the top management, they are hiring those people, for the section in which they are required to strengthen their position. As many technology and marketing heads in top companies have joined their hands to work with Ecommerce players. They are also recruiting other required workforce.

All these recruitments are offering higher salary packages to induce people to work with them. All the big players like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon and other E commerce players are following the same strategy according to their investments in their companies. These players have also given hike of about 20% to their existing employees in order to retain efficient employees. The obvious reason of higher offerings is to pull efficient workforce. The sector’s growth is higher and potential workforce can only be driven through higher salaries.