Your first step towards becoming a professor will come with its own set of responsibilities. Though your duties will vary vastly with the kind of institutions you are hired in as an associate professor you will usually be expected to carry out primary duties like overseeing the conduction of classes according to schedules, providing periodic assessment of students, and carry out usual duties of a professor when he is absent. The page will concentrate on relevant information regarding the remunerations of associate professors based on a range of factors as mentioned below:-ranging from educating students the subjects specialized by him to dealing with publication of academic work in journals and magazines etc.

Salaries and Benefits

On an average an associate professor at the post secondary level can earn around INR 273,669 – INR 1,084, 674 a year with obvious variations based on a host of factors like years of experience in the field, sex, costs of living afforded by different cities etc. Here is more on them:

Average Salary of Associate Professor by Experience

The value attached to growing experience in academics is well known. The same can be reflected in the average annual pay pocketed by associate professors:

Experience Average Annual Salaries
1-4 years INR 142031 – INR 808502
5-9 years INR 292978 – INR 1013674
10-19 years INR 306361 – INR1102989
20 years and more INR 650000 – INR 1300000

Average Salaries based on City

Salary variations based on different costs of living in different cities also exist. Check out whether the salary ranges in the offing in these cities are compatible with the corresponding lifestyle in the leading cities of India or not:

City Average Annual Salaries
Noida-Uttar Pradesh INR 305209 – INR960000
Bengaluru-Karnataka INR 228753 – INR2423950
Pune-Maharashtra INR 709859 – INR911090
Coimbatore-Tamil Nadu INR 300000 – INR1074337
Hyderabad-Andhra Pradesh INR 122554 – INR1057011
New Delhi-Delhi INR 157046 – INR 953561

Average Salaries of Associate Professor Based on Gender

Gender Average Annual Salaries
Female INR 280000 – INR 1000058
Male INR 312052 – INR1339546

Average Salaries based on degrees or certification

The average ranges of salaries are majorly influenced by the degrees or certification attained by aspiring associate professors:

Certification Average Annual Salaries
Bachelors degree INR 366213- INR 792000
Doctorate or PhD INR 297362- INR 1715760
MBA or Master of Business Administration INR 294791- INR 960000
MRT or Master Reading Teacher Certificate INR 417183 – INR1033522

Average Annual Salaries based on Industry

Needless to say an associate professor’s remuneration varies with the respective industries they are hired in:

Industry Average Annual Salaries
Education INR 170917 – INR1098754
College or University Education INR 248323 – INR1078478


The overall bucket of compensation for associate professors (at the post-secondary level) stands something like this:

  • Pension Plans
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Certification/Training reimbursements

Cash Bonus

Experience Cash Bonus
Less than a year INR 57500
1-4 years INR 29479
5-9 years INR 4500
10-19 years INR 9698
20 years and more INR 40000

Vacation Weeks

Experience Number of Vacation Weeks
Less than a year 1 week
1-4 years 2.9 weeks
5-9 years 2.4 weeks
10-19 years 3.4 weeks
20 years and more 6.7 weeks

However there might be variations in the Associate Professor salary based on policies followed by respective industries and institutions.
*Salaries are subject to change without prior notice.