Salaries in Punjab national Bank

New Delhi based, Punjab National Bank is an Indian financial services company. The bank was founded in 1894. The bank has over 6,300 branches and 7,900 ATMs across India. The bank serves more than 80 million customers and more than 62,000 employees work for the bank. Out of Big Four Banks of India, PNB is one of them. Banker’s Almanac has ranked Punjab National Bank 248th biggest bank in the world.

Salary of Senior Manager in Punjab National Bank

Senior manager is responsible for strategic, operational planning and management of all aspects including staff, contracts and budgets. The senior manager plays an important role in strategic planning, program developing and policy development. Punjab National Bank pays the salary package ranging from Rs. 3.2 Lakh – Rs. 10 Lakh to senior managers.

Salary of Bank Manager in Punjab National Bank

Branch Manager oversees the sales, operations and business development within the bank and also looks after the profits and productivity. As compared to all the public sector banks Punjab National bank pays more salary to Bank Manager than any other bank. Punjab National Bank pays an average salary of Rs. 8 lakh per annum and the salary range is Rs. 6 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh.

Salary of Probationary Officer in Punjab National Bank

Probationary Officer has to undergo the training for two years. He holds the responsibility to interact with customers and make them know about the facilities bank provides. As the probationary officers deal with the customers, they have to promote their products to customers and bring more business to the bank. During their training period they are given the tasks which help them to strengthen their place in the bank. Probationary officers are paid approximately Rs. 26,097 per month including the prerequisites they get. To know about the salary and allowances go through the table below.

Salary Structure of Probationary Officer in Punjab National Bank

Salary Per Month Perks Per Month
Basic- Rs.14500 25 Litre of Petrol (if you own a bike)- Rs.1900
DA- Rs.7830 News Paper- Rs.150
HRA- Rs.942 Food and Beverages- Rs.200
CCA- Rs.375 Entertainment- Rs.200
Total- Rs.23647 Total- Rs.2450

Salary of Clerk in Punjab National Bank

A bank Clerk holds the responsibility to be at the withdrawal and deposit counters. Clerk accepts payments, sanction withdrawals, verify cheques and all the finance related tasks. Punjab National Bank pays Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 5.3 lakh per annum.

Salaries of other designations in Punjab National Bank

Particulars Salary Range
Branch Manager Rs.3 Lakh – Rs.12 Lakh
Chief Manager Rs.4.3 Lakh – Rs.9 Lakh
Management Trainee Rs.3 Lakh – Rs.3.6 Lakh
Deputy Manager Rs.2.9 Lakh – Rs.3.7 Lakh

Above listed salaries are subject to change without any prior notice. All the mentioned salaries vary according to the locality and experience level.

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