About Blue Dart

One of South Asia’s premier integrated air express and courier package distribution companies, Blue Dart extends its services to over two hundred and twenty countries and has a comprehensive domestic network that includes 33,739 locations.


As per available information the company offers fairly decent salaries to its employees, with variations justly based on work experience, job profiles, average costs of living in different cities etc. Please have a look at the detailed lists of the same below. If you are looking for a profile at the esteemed company, and are eager to gather a rough idea of the pay packets offered there you can expect salaries like the ones mentioned below. The average salary across India stands something at around INR 339,000 per year. Here is more:

Annual Average Salaries in Blue Dart based on Job Category

A glimpse of the average annual salaries pocketed by most of the employees at Blue Dart Express Limited, listed below, will give you an idea of how well planned and meticulously thought out is the entire pay structure here. Variations in ranges based on jab category are influenced by a number of factors including the job responsibility of the employee, his employment status at the organization etc.

Job Category Annual Average Salary
Business Development Executive INR 228 000- INR 252 000
Courier/ Logistics- Executive INR 240 000- INR 262 000
Executive INR 180 000- INR 204 000
Executive Assistant to senior vice president INR 482 000- INR 519 000
Business Development Manager INR 815 000- INR 888 000

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Annual Average Salaries in Blue Dart based on Experience

Salary variations based on differences in or length of work experience exist. The range moves northwards at crucial junctures of one’s career at the concern:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 369 000
10-19 years INR 392 500

Annual Average Salaries based on Industry

Here is a look at the industry based salary at Blue Dart

Industry Annual Average Salaries
Courier Services INR 345 000
Logistics Services INR 293 878

Annual Average Salaries based on Gender

The gender based average salary ranges at the concern stand something like this:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 491 500
Male INR 520 000

Perks and Benefits

Asides from a well structured salary system, Blue Dart also offers a wide range of benefits to its employees in the form of substantial perks. The comprehensive package includes the following:

  • Company automobile
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Cell phone

More on the Benefits

Besides the general benefits mentioned above here is a look at some of the internal policies of the company, aimed at ensuring employment satisfaction and bolstering overall performance

  • Awards: Bravo Blue Darter Award meant for resourcefulness and quality performance in the regular business process
  • Rewards: Impressive sales reward schemes for the sales unit
  • Opportunities for growth: Presence of corporate wide training model whereby employees are encouraged to pick up skills from qualified trainers, and intranet— identification of individual training needs, implementation of due model and evaluation through training MIS
  • Employee Satisfaction: Maximization of employee satisfaction through ESS or Employment Satisfaction Survey, and Guaranteed Fair Treatment Policy to make sure that employee grievances are addressed and resolved