Britannia Salary in India

About the Britannia

From its humble beginnings in a nondescript area in Kolkata in the year 1892, to becoming one of the biggest brands of India, a few years down the line, the success story of Britannia Industries is inspirational. What started as a biscuit company has today become one of the most coveted places to work for. Some of the famous names in its portfolio are:

  • Tiger Biscuits
  • Health Starter Kit
  • Veg Cakes
  • NutriChoice SugarOut
  • NutriChoice 5 Grain

Salaries in Britannia

Going by the lists presented below, it might be said that the company pays quite decently to its employees with the average ranges varying in accordance with a host of factors like work experience, city in which the employee lives etc. Please find out more

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Annual Average Salaries in Britannia based on Job Category

Please have a look at the list of the well defined salaries meant for the significant profiles at Britannia:

Job CategoryAnnual Average Salaries
AccountantINR 114,000- INR 124,000
Area Sales ManagerINR 1,020,000
Finance ManagerINR 1,600,000- INR 1,710,000
Human Resources ManagerINR 1,440,000- INR 1,570,000
Production PlannerINR 404,000- INR 519,000 with an annual average of INR 461,302
Franchise ManagerINR 1,350,000- INR 1,460,000
TSIINR 336,000- INR 361,000

Annual Average Salaries in Britannia based on Experience

The average annual salaries head steadily northwards with the growing experience at the concern. Please take a look

ExperienceAnnual Average Salaries
1-4 yearsINR 379,500
5-9 yearsINR 1,275,836

Annual Average Salaries in Britannia based on cities

Salary variations based on the costs of living in different cities also exist. Please have a look at the distribution of salaries in the prime cities:

CitiesAnnual Average Salaries
Delhi, DelhiINR 162,000
Bangalore, KarnatakaINR 770,000
Mumbai, MaharashtraINR 1,620,000

Perks and Benefits in Britannia

As per available information Britannia has a comprehensive package of benefits for their employees. The package includes the following.

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Cell Phone
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Company Pension Plan
  • Free Soft drinks
  • Gym/ Health Club
The average cash bonus and vacation weeks, granted as benefits to employees also vary according to the experience, cities of the employees among other things. Please have a look.

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Average cash bonus based on experience

ExperienceAnnual Average Bonus
1-4 yearsINR 54,481
5-9 yearsINR 207,016

Average Cash bonus based on Cities

CitiesAnnual Average Bonus
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 580,000
Delhi, DelhiINR 26,250
Bangalore, KarnatakaINR 154,839

Average Cash bonus based on Degree

DegreeAnnual Average bonus
Bachelor’s DegreeINR 160,000
Master of Business Administration or MBAINR 154,839
Master of Business Administration, Business Management and MarketingINR 130,000

Vacation Weeks based on experience

ExperienceVacation weeks
1-4 years2.3 weeks
5-9 years2.2 weeks

Vacation weeks based on city

CityVacation weeks
Mumbai, Maharashtra1.0 weeks
Bangalore, Karnataka2.0 weeks

Last Updated: 06/12/2014