Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is India’s leading public sector telecommunications company owned by Govt of India. It is a statutorily constituted official telephonic and other communication facilities provider in India. A successor of Department of Telecom, BSNL has the largest landline telephone network and perhaps the single largest mobile subscriber network in the country. BSNL provides the following services on a pan India basis (except in cities of Mumbai and New Delhi where another public sector company MTNL operates).

BSNL Core Services

  • Landline Phone Services to urban and rural India
  • Public Call Offices (PCO)
  • Toll free number services
  • GSM Mobile
  • CDMA Mobile
  • CDMA Internet Data Card
  • WiMax
  • CDMA Fixed Service
  • Broadband Internet
  • Dialup Internet
  • Mobile broadband
  • Fiber broadband
  • WiFi
  • Enterprice Broadband, IDC Services, Data Services
  • Managed Network, mail, data centre services

Average Salaries in BSNL

BSNL has a well structured wage & salary policy based on IDA pattern. The salary structures are aimed to meet the fair living needs of its technical and managerial staff across the country which maintains the largest telecom network in the country. The scales of salary are in conformity with the national wage policy for industrial employees and also the public sector wage standards in India. To be clear, BSNL salaries are among the decent salary packages in the country. Employees are also entitled to various benefits like medical insurance (ESI) and medical reimbursement, leave travel allowance, paid holidays as well as children education concessions. Have a look at the average salaries and the pay scales of employees at BSNL:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Telecommunication Engineer INR 429,000- INR 469,000
JTO INR 450,000- INR 600,000 with an annual average salary of INR 504,000
Junior Telecom Officer INR 240,000- INR 634,000 with an annual average salary of INR 506,361
Accounts Officer INR 420,000- INR 800,000 with an annual average salary of INR 573,333
Clerk INR 111,204- INR 120,000
Senior Sub Divisional Engineer INR 500,000- INR 831,000 with an annual average salary of INR 638,500
Sub Divisional Engineer INR 716,000- INR 826,000 with an annual average salary of INR 771,064
TTA INR 290,000- INR 350,000 with an annual average salary of INR 310,000
DGM INR 552,000- INR 1,260,000 with an annual average salary of INR 900,864

More About BSNL Salary

Here is a glimpse of the pay scales of BSNL cadres in Group A, B, and C (In the Southern Telecom Projects Circle)

Job Category Pay Scales
Senior admin Grade (Group A- Finance and Accounts) 18400-500-22400 (CDA)
Junior Admin Grade (Group A- Finance and Accounts- SG) 12000-375-16500 (CDA)
Senior admin Grade (Group A- level II) 18400-500-22400 (CDA)
Senior admin Grade (Group A- level I) 22400-525-24500 (CDA)
Senior Accounts Officer (Group B) 13000-350-18250 (IDA)
Assistants ( Group B) 9850-250-14600 (IDA)
PS 11875-300-17275 (IDA)
Senior Hindi Translator 7800-225-11175(IDA)
Phone Mechanic 4720-150-6970 (IDA)
Driver 4720-150-6970 (IDA) 5700-160-8100 (IDA) 4550-140-6650 (IDA)
Junior Hindi Translator 7100-200-10100 (IDA)
Technician 4720-150-6970 (IDA)
Stenographer 5700-160-8100 (IDA)

*IDA stands for Industrial Dearness Allowance.

The comprehensive package of perks and benefits at BSNL stands like this:

House Rent Allowance/House Accommodation

Cities with population HRA Rates
Less than five lakh 10 percent of basic pay
5 Lakh to 50 lakh 20 percent of basic pay
50 lakh and above 10 percent of basic pay

Pension Contribution, Medical Allowance reimbursement, CCA or City Compensatory Allowance, Dearness Allowances are other perks and benefits provided by BSNL to its employees

*Salaries are subject to change with time.