CCMB or Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is one of the leading research organizations of India in the field of modern biology. Initially established as a semi autonomous centre along with the Biochemistry Division of the then Regional Research Laboratory (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, IICT at present) Hyderabad, in the year 1977, CCMB has now acquired the status of being a full fledged national laboratory. Services featuring significantly in CCMB’s portfolio are

  • Genetic Counseling
  • Molecular Diagnosis
  • DNA Fingerprinting
  • Chromosomal Diagnosis

CCMB Principal Scientist Salary as per recent and past job posts:

As a potential Principal Scientist at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, you will in all probability belong to the Pay Grades of either INR 37400-67000 or INR 15600 -39100 depending on your previous work experience and nature of employment at CCMB. Here is more information on salaries gathered from various job posts put up by CCMB from time to time:

  • Principal Scientist (PhD in Life Science) with a pay scale of INR 37400-67000
  • Principal Scientist (PhD or M Phil) with a pay scale of INR 37400-67000
  • Principal Scientists with two years experience with pay scale of INR 15600 -39100
  • Principal Scientists with three years experience with pay scale of INR 37400-67000
  • Senior Principal Scientist in Pay Band 4 with a Pay Scale of INR 37400-67000 along with Grade Pay of INR 8900

On an average, salaries at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology increase at 11.82 per cent with each additional year of experience. Here is a list of average salaries at CCMB based on experience:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
More than 7 years 240000
3-7 years 344000
0-3 years 219000

Major Academic and General Qualifications sought by CCMB for positions of Principal Scientists from time to time are:

  • Ph.D in Physics/Chemistry/ Life Sciences along with post doctoral knowledge in biological applications of nanobiology, micro fluidic devices etc
  • M.Vet. Sc with desirable experience in nutrition, breeding and monitoring of laboratory animal health
  • Academic excellence in fields of protein and peptide analysis, cellular proteomics and mass spectroscopy
  • Experience in Gene Expression in Model systems
  • Experience in plant development and breeding
  • Experience in regulation of Cellular Metabolism
  • Experience in molecular approaches

*Information regarding salaries may change without prior notice.