CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professionals are individuals who have cleared examinations conducted by Cisco. Cisco is a computer services and solutions company. The CCNP designation implies that the individual has become adept at handling the solution developments of Cisco and are also entitled to carry out functions of system engineers or network engineers in office places. The page is aimed at providing you with detailed information regarding salaries pocketed by the CCNPs with variations based on a number of factors like work experience, degrees earned, skills, industry etc. Let us find out more:

Salary of CCNP

As already mentioned above the CCNPs are also entitled to work in different designations. Here is how they end up earning:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Network Administrator INR 390,000
Network Engineer INR 183,969 – INR 866,433
Network Security Engineer INR 492,605
Network Administrator, IT INR 390,000
Senior Network Engineer INR 284,082 – INR 1,181,650
Network Support Engineer INR 285,000
Network Engineer, IT INR 295,898

CCNP Salaries based on Company

HCL Technologies Ltd. INR 234,392 – INR 1,282,223
Cisco Systems Inc INR 589,581 – INR 2,300,000
Wipro Technologies Ltd. INR 389,776 – INR 904,331
Tata Communications Ltd INR 239,583 – INR 1,375,000
Dimension Data INR 235,526 – INR 986,326
Ericsson Inc. INR 302,012 – INR 715,171
Hewlett-Packard Company INR 230,913 – INR 2,209,880
Wipro INR 584,879
Techmahindra Ltd INR 638,713
Vodafone Rs INR 855,000
HCL Infosystem Ltd. INR 319,222
Aricent Inc INR 610,000
Accenture INR 617,099
Orange INR 587,500
InfoSys Limited INR 603,149
AT&T Inc. INR 585,941
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp INR 569,086
Servion INR 648,000
British Telecom INR 780,000
International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. INR 730,000
Capgemini INR 240,000
Reliance Communications INR 675,000
Unisys Corporation INR 560,303
IPsoft INR 579,500
Capita india INR 460,489
Microland INR 360,000
CGI Group Inc. INR 410,000
Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited INR 900,000
Avaya Inc. INR 950,000

CCNP Salaries based on Industry


As an aspiring CCNP professional if you are yet to decide on your choice of industry for working as a fresher or experienced, the following list of pay structures in different industries may turn out of help you in doing the same:

Type of Industry Annual Average Salaries
Networking Equipment INR 687,273
IT Services INR 437,292
Telecommunications INR 490,582
Software Development INR 501,493
Network and Communications Services INR 414,174
Network Administration INR 251,531
Internet Service Provider INR 350,000

CCNP Salaries Based on Experience

The pay structure of Cisco Certified Network Professionals for freshers and experienced person is duly designed to recognize the worth of work experience in the respective fields of work of CCNPs:

Experience Average Annual Salaries
Less than a year INR 248,334
1-4 years INR 368,506
5-9 years INR 649,796
10-19 years INR 1,211,371
20 years or more INR 1,325,000

Salary of CCNP in Different Cities of India

CCNP Salary for fresher or experienced professionals is based on cost of living in different cities also exist:

City Annual Average Salaries
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 380,000
Bangalore, Karnataka INR 597,665
New Delhi, Delhi INR 542,500
Pune, Maharashtra INR 436,979
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 380,000
Chennai, Tamil Nadu INR 446,000
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 478,895

CCNP Salaries based on Degree:

Different degrees earned by you are going to fetch you different pay packets

Degree Average Annual Salaries
Bachelor of Technology (BT/BTech) Computer Science and Engineering INR 121,641 – INR 1,479,489
Bachelor's degree INR 180,240 – INR 1,120,852
Associate's Degree INR 226,725 – INR 1,507,220
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), IT or Information Technology INR 96,644 – INR 1,379,684
Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc), Computer Science INR 60,820 – INR 1,429,186
Master of Science (MS), Computer Science (CS) INR 180,000 – INR 600,000
Bachelor of Technology (BT, BTech), Electronics and Communication Engineering INR 123,067 – INR 888,178
Master of Business Administration (MBA) INR 102,129 – INR 2,104,235

The skill and gender based salaries of CCNP individuals are listed below:

Skill based Salary of CCNP?:

Skills Average Annual Salaries
Linux INR 360,261
Cisco Networking INR 425,263
IT Security and Infrastructure INR 923,078
Network Management INR 482,952
Network Support INR 428,660
Microsoft Office INR 344,849
Switching and Routing INR 307,011

CCNP Salaries based on Gender

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 353,000
Male INR 478,214

*Salaries are subject to change with time.

CCNP-educational requirements

In general you won’t really require to pursue higher education if you are able to bring the right certification and experience to the table. However it is better to go for re certification courses in order to stay up to date with new technologies. It is very important to check out recent educational requirements from time to time.