CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is a professional qualification awarded by CFA Institute. This professional course is very much in demand by financial institutions and many corporates for handling the finance part of the organisation. CFA holders are mainly required by Investment Banks , Portfolio management and Foreign Exchange management. In last few decade, demand for finance management has increased to maximize gain from the financial part . There are other professional degree similar to CFA like CA ( Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary) and MBA in Finance. These degree are similar but have some kind of specialization attached which makes the

The certification of CFA insure thick salary package and a secured job. The average annual salary of Chartered Financial Analyst is Rs 3 lakh to start up. Its keeps on increasing with experience they gained. The person having eight year of experience are enjoying the annual salaries of Rs. 12 lakh. On an average, the annual salary package of CFA is Rs. 5.5 lakh and their salary band is Rs. 2.5 to Rs,19 lakh.

Salaries of CFA in different industries

The salaries of CFA varies across the Industry. Industry which requires more number of CFA are having salary trend of paying high packages. Like, in Investment banks and asset management companies are used to have more number of CFA. So, the salaries of these two type of companies in India are the highest paying salaries. The average annual salaries of CFA in different industries are given in table below.

Average annual salaries of CFA in various Industries

Industry Salary
Financial Services Rs. 650000
Securities Brokerage Rs. 580000
Consulting Rs. 800000
Asset Management Rs. 860000
Investment Banking Rs. 850000
Banking Rs. 790000

Salaries of CFA in different professions

CFAs are mainly placed as Financial Analyst. Other type of designation for CFA holder are Chartered Financial analyst, Research analyst, Sr. Financial Analyst, Equity Research Analyst. Among these professions, Chartered financial analysts are enjoying highest salaries. The salary band of these professions with experience of 0-3 years is given in following table.

Job Salary
CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Rs. 200000 – Rs. 2400000
Financial Analyst Rs. 260000 – Rs. 1900000
Sr. Financial Analyst Rs. 200000 – Rs. 1300000
Equity Research Associate Rs. 150000 – Rs 1100000
Research Analyst Rs. 150000- Rs. 1300000

Salaries of CFA in different cities of india

Salaries of CFA is differ little bit in india . Bangalore is highest paying salary city for CFAs. Maharashtra is the second to pay thick salaries to CFA degree holders. Comparison among the salaries of CFAs in Indian cities is given in the chart