Chandigarh not only attracts individuals looking for good opportunities, but also a higher salary structure. The small union territory is the first planned city in India and serves as the capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab. According to a recent survey, it is ranked among the top 50 cities globally for outsourcing and IT services destinations. Chandigarh tops the list among Indian States with the highest per capita income which is about Rs.1,00,000.

A huge number of medium to large industries in the Public and Private sector generate a large number of job opportunities in industries as like paper manufacturing, machinery, metals, alloys, etc. Other industries that offer good jobs and salaries are machine tools, sanitary ware, auto parts, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, etc. Chandigarh’s IT Park also contributes to large number of IT jobs in the city. Moreover, the proximity to Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab and Himachal Pradesh attracts businesses in the different section which eventually leads to more jobs in the city.

While Chandigarh generates lot of local private and government jobs, it also boasts of major nationals and multinational corporations like Infosys, Dell, Quark, IBM and Tech Mahindra that offer high paying jobs to thousands of people.

Popular Job Designations and Salary range

Designation Salary (Annual)
Software Engineer makes about Rs. 3 50 000
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 6 00 000
PHP Developer Rs. 1 50 000
Software Developer Rs. 3 00 000
Area Sales Manager Rs. 6 00 000
Human Resources (HR) Manager Rs. 3 80 000

Infosys in Chandigarh

Infosys hires a large number of employees in private sector in Chandigarh and offers the best salaries in the industry.

Designation Salary (Annual)
Senior Systems Engineer Rs. 4 30 000
Technology Analyst Rs. 6 00 000
Senior Associate Consultant Rs. 9 00 000
Senior Systems Engineer Rs. 4 00 000
Systems Engineer Rs. 3 00 000
Software Engineer Rs. 4 00 000

Government Jobs in Chandigarh

The scope of Government Jobs in Chandigarh is wide and can ranges from jobs in information technology, Police services, Banking services, Medical College & Hospital, Agriculture, Public services, Road Transport Development, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh Housing Board, Tourism, Health sector, etc.

Designation Salary (Annual)
Nurse and midwife Rs. 1 20 000
Court Manager for High Court Rs. 2 40 000
Project Fellow at Punjab University Rs. 2 00 000
Assistant Professor Rs. 10 00 000
Senior Assistant Rs. 2 50 000
Field Investigator for PGIMER Rs. 2 10 000
Study Coordinator at PGIMER Rs. 4 50 000
Data Analyst Rs. 6 00 000
Web Developer Rs. 2 50 000
Section Officer Rs. 1 20 000
Clerk in Punjab and Haryana High Court Rs. 50 000


Why to Move to Chandigarh?

As per a recent survey and data compiled on residences, earnings and investment, Chandigarh was among the coveted list of best cities to reside, earn or invest in. This is a city with most employment opportunities, after Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, etc. The parameters that are focused on are education, environment, health, public facilities, safety, entertainment and salaries. Chandigarh looks impressive in the list based on its growth rate of employment, listings on popular jobs, per capita income, etc. There are many IT firms that are now investing in Chandigarh and so people searching for IT based jobs can find better opportunities here. The city is well connected to some of the megacities like New Delhi offering better accessibility.

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