Founded in the mid 1930s Cipla with a tagline “Caring for Life” has scaled heights in self-reliant health care with a global presence over 170 countries and a product range (of more than 2000 ) spanning around 65 therapeutic categories.
Touted as one of the world’s biggest generic pharmaceutical companies, products featuring significantly in Cipla’s portfolio include:

Manufacturing Plants of Cipla for:

  • Hormones
  • Oncology
  • Bet-Lactams
  • Cephalosphorins
  • MDIs
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    Veterinary Products of Cipla

    • Pet Animal care Products
    • Poultry
    • Aqua Products
    • General Products
    • APIs
    • Feed Additives

    API Manufacturing of Cipla

    Cipla Ltd Salaries and Benefits
    The pay package designed for Ciplaites is thoroughly planned, with distinct demarcations between salaries meant for employees belonging to specific levels at the concern. Here’s how they stand:

    Job Category Average/Median Salary Per Annum
    Book Keeper/Accounts Assistant INR 104 000 – INR 314 000 with an annual average salary of INR 154 000
    Management Staff INR 411 000 – INR 446 000
    Regional Head INR 431 000 – INR 464 000
    Territory Manager INR 181 000 – INR 300 000 with an annual average salary of INR 232 600
    Accounts Executive or Accountant INR 180 000 – INR 420 000 with an annual average salary of INR 230 000
    Packing Senior Executive INR 412 000 – INR 446 000
    Territory Manager (Intern) INR 33 000 – INR 36 000 (monthly)
    QA Manager INR 869 000 – INR 928 000
    Executive or Administration Assistant INR 100 000 – INR 450 000 with an annual average salary of INR 177 000
    Area Business Manager INR 400 000 – INR 480 000 with an annual average salary of INR 443 333
    Medical Representatives INR 202 000 – INR 222 000
    QA Executive (with around 6 years' experience) INR 309 000 – INR 332 000

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    Jobs Benefits in Cipla Ltd
    The overall bucket of compensation and benefits at Cipla Ltd stands like this:

    • Provident Fund
    • Insurance cover
    • Free ration
    • Leave Travel Allowance
    • Gratuity
    • Medical Allowance
    • Bonus

    Asides from cash bonuses, the employee benefits at Cipla Ltd are primarily aimed at professional growth, which in a way has inspired many Ciplaites to dedicate years of their lives to the concern:

    • Chance to work in a comparatively healthy and liberal environment
    • Annual Day Function
    • Opportunity to further your technical knowledge with exposure to the latest technological practices
    • Group Discussions
    • Formal Trainings
    • Opportunity for ex employees to get in touch with Cipla Alumni
    • Timely Payment of salaries
    • Excellent work culture (according to available employee reviews)
    • Great opportunities at designation growth

    *Salaries and benefits are subject to change without prior notice. Specially the information regarding the employee benefits offered by Cipla is a combination of those mentioned in the official site, latest job posts by the concern, and available employee reviews, which is subject to vary with time, individual experience at the concern and company policies.
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