About the Cisco

Cisco is a global behemoth with its head office in San Jose, California. Cisco Systems Inc is basically into designing, fabricating and selling networking systems and equipments. To be a little more elaborate, it is into creating, manufacturing, marketing and selling of network devices, CISCO IOS and NX-OS softwares, web-based platforms and modules, optical networks, wireless, voiceover internet protocol (VOIP), and cutting-edge security systems.
One of the biggest overseas hubs for Cisco is India as it has sales and marketing outlets in all metro cities of the country including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Poona, and Hyderabad. It started operating in India in 1995 and employs over 11,000 people.

Career opportunities at CISCO

CISCO is the biggest manufacturer of hardware for all sorts of computer systems in the world. The organization leads the world in the IT sector. CISCO coined the tagline ‘Internet of Everything’ and it products and services have been transforming people’s lives and still are. The entity attracts the best brains both from the hardware and software segments and if you want to attain the zenith of your career, Cisco would provide you with the perfect set of working conditions.
You can apply for positions including customer support engineer, software development engineer, systems administrator, networking consulting engineer, senior business analyst, technical writer, network security analyst and inside-sales account manager and so on. CISCO is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in terms of ones nationality, caste, creed, sex or religion.

Salaries in CISCO according to different job positions

Salaries for entry level positions in Cisco for all the above mentioned positions are amongst the best in the industry.

The salary range of some noteworthy positions in Cisco Systems has been presented in the following-(all figures in INR)

Position Highest expected salaries ( INR ) Median salary range ( INR )
Customer Support Engineer III 9.18 8.46-9.18
Software Development Manager 20.27 20.13-20.27
Systems Administrator 1.68 1.56-1.68
Software QA Engineer IV 5.17 4.83-5.17
Intern (per month) 3.48 3.24-3.48
Networking Consulting Engineer 9.36 8.88-9.36
Software Engineering Manager 20.19 20-20.19
Senior Technical Writer 13.4 12.6-13.4
Business Development Director 70.11 60.58-70.11
Senior Business Analyst 14.3 13.3-14.3
Technical Writer IV 14.8 12.6-14.8
Network Consulting Engineer VI 8.79 8.17-8.79
Network Consulting Engineer II (per month) 8.4 7.80-8.40
Business Consultant 14.4 13.3-14.4
Network Security Analyst (per month) 4.92 4.56-4.92
Internal-Sales Account Manager 5.97 5.43-5.97
Software Engineer Grade-IV 6.27 5.71-6.27
SSE 8.18 7.50-8.18
R & D 7.25 6.79-7.25

Salaries for employees having CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification in prime locations

Since the cost of living would vary from place to place in a big country like India, it goes without saying that the salaries or total emoluments for CISCO employees at different hierarchical levels would vary according to the location. For instance, someone working in New Delhi or Mumbai would be drawing a higher salary than his or her counterpart working in a semi-urban town or rural area. The following table lists the average salary range of CISCO employees in some prominent locations.

Location Salary Range ( INR )
Mumbai (Maharashtra) 1.20-10.09
Bangalore (Karnataka) 1.63-12.14
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 1.18-10.05
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 1.23-11.33
Poona (Maharashtra) 1.25-10.84

Salaries according to professional experience

It does not need to be exaggerated that the salary of a CISCO employee or a professional with a CISCO certification gradually increases as he gains working experience. One starting as a software engineer, software developer, networking engineer or any other job position reaches a peak or plateau (in terms of salary) after he has attained 2 decades or more of professional experience.

The following table lists the median salary range of a typical CISCO worker as per his or her years of working experience.

Number of years of professional experience Median Salary Range ( INR )
0-1 years 2.94-2.98
1-4 years 4.81-5.13
5-9 years 6.78-9.66
10-19 years 11.03-15.69
20 years and more 25.07-30