A part of India’s best known conglomerate Tata Enterprise, CMC Limited is a premier systems engineering company in the country dealing with services development, application design, asset based solutions and testing services. At present it has over 10775 employees spread in offices across the UK, USA, MEA & APC etc including India
CMC Americas Inc is the wholly owned subsidiary of CMC—was earlier known as Baton Rouge and acquired in the year 1991 and renamed in the year 2003.
Some of the product and services offerings from CMC are:

  • Power and Utilities
  • Networking
  • Shipping
  • Software Development
  • eCommerce
  • ERP
  • eGovernance
  • Systems and Hardware
  • Insurance
  • IT enabled services
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Minning
  • Event Management
  • RIMS
  • Salaries in CMC Limited

    Job Category Annual Average Salaries
    Accountant or Accounts Executive INR 100000- INR 400000 with an average of INR 141000 per year
    Account Services Executive INR 100000- INR 302000 with an average of INR 126000 per year
    Book Keeper or Accounts Assistant INR 100000- INR 300000 with an average of INR 128000 per year

    Salaries in CMC Americas Inc

    Average Salaries Based on Job Category
    Each and every profile at CMC is amply rewarded for their contribution. The well etched out pay packages for the corresponding profiles at CMC are reflective of a very positive attribute: Here is a list of salaries earned by employers of various designations:

    Job Category Annual Average Salaries
    Software Developer INR 75 431 – INR 391 342
    Senior Project Manager INR 680 157 – INR 1 763 809
    Test Engineer INR 194 738 – INR 499 621
    Senior Software Developer/Engineer/Programmer INR 378 975 – INR 1 113 007

    Average Salaries based on Experience

    The value of increased work experience at the concern is duly recognized by corresponding hikes at crucial junctures:

    Experience Annual Average Salaries
    1-4 years INR 245 852
    5-9 years INR 375 360
    10-19 years INR 600 000

    Average Salaries based on Certification or Degree

    As academic qualification or professional certification always wields a crucial influence in determining your salaries, pay packets at CMC are equally influenced by the degree acquired by the eployee :

    Experience Annual Average Salaries
    Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA INR 330 000
    Bachelor's Degree INR 110 019 – Rs 919 217

    Average Salaries based on Skills

    The skill based salaries at CMC stand something like this:

    Skills Average Annual Salaries
    UNIX INR 260 000
    Java INR 270 133
    Oracle INR 260 000
    Project Management INR 742 500
    C INR 438 000
    ASP.NET INR 326 912
    PL/SQL INR 204 912
    HTML INR 114 000
    C++ INR 200 000

    Average Salaries Based on Gender

    The male employees at CMC are entitled to salaries as listed below:

    Gender Average Annual Salaries
    Male INR 326 435

    *Salaries are subject to change with time and without prior notice