A company secretary, ideally, can be described as someone who along with other directors of the company is entrusted with some responsibilities under the Company Act. He is the chief administrative officer, who shares key responsibilities like filing annual returns, keeping the company’s legal documents secure, relating any changes in the company’s share capital to the Companies House etc. The salaries earned by these officials are listed below:

Company Secretary Salary: Based on Experience

The salary ranges head consistently northwards with the employee’s growing work experience. Substantial hikes are experienced at key junctures of career. Please have a look:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 119,195 – INR 805,366
1-4 years INR 232,260 – Rs 770,450
5-9 years INR 302,012 – Rs 1,468,135
10-19 years INR 380,000 – INR 2,440,000
20 years or more INR 1,768,743 – INRÂ 1,924,279

Company Secretary Salary: Based on Cities

The salary structure is duly designed in accordance with the cost of living of the different cities in which the employees reside. Here is a look:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 982,635 – INR 1,960,934
New Delhi, Delhi INR 293,614 – INR 822,120
Pune, Maharashtra INR 304,350 – INR 1,035,000
Bangalore, Karnataka INR 178,793 – INR 1,208,048
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 400,000 – INR 1,280,000

Company Secretary Salary: Based Degree or Certification

The academic qualifications attained by the employees play a major role in the determination of their salaries. Here is a more detailed list of the same:

Certification or Degree Annual Average Salaries
Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com INR 344,348 – INR 670,000
Bachelor's Degree INR 183,831 – INR 1,174,457

Company Secretary Salary: Based on Gender

The average gender based salaries of company secretaries stand something like this:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 121,641 – INR 1,157,713
Male INR 273,019 – INR 1,787,928

Company Secretary Salary: Perks & Benefits

Company secretaries are entrusted with a major share of key responsibilities required to ensure the smooth running of an organization. The bouquet of perks and benefits that these individuals are entitled to, besides their average salaries are a direct pointer to the fact that their efforts are duly recognized and appreciated:

  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Stock Options
  • Life Insurance/ Disability
  • Company Pension Plan


Top Company Secretaries in India

Vijay Kumar Sharma
Practicing Company Secretary
VS Associates

J K Gupta
J K Gupta & Associates
Practicing Company Secretary

Rashida Adenwala
Co Founder
RA Associates, Chennai

Samarish Bhanja
B.Samarish & Co

Atul Kr Labh
A.K.Labh & Co

Avani Mishra
All India Topper
Company Secretary

Dr. K S Ravichandran
KSR & Co.

Anil Upadhyay
VP Legal and Company Secretary
Johnson & Johnson Ltd

Rupesh Jhanji
Company Secretary
Samsung Heavy Industries Ltd

Uma Shankar Sharma
Shankar Associates
Practicing Company Secretary

Suresh Swaminathan
Company Secretary & Sr Manager-Compliance
Cheran Group of Companies

More about Perks and Benefits

Bonus based on Experience

Bonus Experience
Less than a year INR 20,000
1-4 years INR 35,000
5-9 years INR 45,000
10- 19 years INR 101,736

Bonus Based on City

Bonus Experience
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 50,868
Pune, Maharashtra INR 45,000
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 325,000
New Delhi, Delhi INR 17,500

Vacation Weeks based on Experience:

Bonus Experience
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 50,868
Pune, Maharashtra INR 45,000
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 325,000
New Delhi, Delhi INR 17,500

*Salaries are subject to change with time..