Real Estate and Construction sector are two major sector to be emphasised by developing countries. When the development is on the path of becoming the developed nation, these two sector are of very much concerned for policy makers of India. Indian real estate is on the expanding path. The number of developers are increasing and the consultancy work is also increasing. This increase the employment opportunities for the workforce to work in real estate. These sectors contributed about 10% to 11% to the GDP of the country.

construction-real-estateReal Estate and Construction are vital sector for the Infrastructure development. Developers of Real Estate are having huge opportunities of growth. There are many CEOs are having joint venture to start in Real Estate Developer. The newly made metropolitan cities are becoming the centre of attraction for the developers for making housing societies. The demand for own house is also pushing the wheel of growth of Real Estate. The demand of commercial property is also plunging to develop the better infrastructure .

Construction sector is also flourishing in with overall growth of the economy. About half of the total investment of the country taken by construction sector. This Sector is having greater connection with other Industries like cement, steel, chemicals, paints, tiles, fixtures and fittings. This means, construction sector is playing vital role in enhancing the overall economy of the nation.

Major real estate companies in India are DLF group, Parsvnath developers limited, Unitech group and K. Raheja group. Other companies in these sector are Suncity Projects, Merlin Groups, Magicbricks, NK Realtors, 99acres and Mittal Builders.

Scope of job in Real Estate and Construction

With huge potential resisting with Construction and Real Estate, Scopes are also huge in these Industries. The type of Jobs in these industries are mainly real estate sales executives, property managers, estate managers and IT manager in Real estate. There are other career options in Real Estate like Commercial Real Estate Broker, Residential Real Estate Broker, Real estate appraiser, facility manager, Real Estate Investment consultant, Project development experts

Salaries of Professionals in Real Estate and Construction

The project managers are enjoying the thick salaries in these sectors. They are getting average annual package of Rs. 8,25,000. Their salary band is Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 17,00,000. The construction managers are also getting handsome salary packages. The salary band of construction manager is Rs 7,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,00. The average annual salaries of other professional are given in the following table

Average Annual Salary packages of Construction and Real Estate
Professionals Salary
Civil Engineer Rs. 325000
Civil Engineers in Senior level Rs. 475000
Quantity Surveyor Rs. 380000
Project Engineers Rs. 400000
Mechanical Engineer Rs. 300000
Marketing Manager in Real Estate Rs. 500000
Design Architect Rs. 610000
Legal Manager Rs. 650000
Assistant Manager Sales Rs. 400000