Convergys is primarily concerned with aiding other organizations in delivering more refined customer services with the help of technology, analytics and the optimal mix of agents.


Convergys, as per latest available information, pays 2 per cent more than standard market salaries. Let us explore more:

Annual average salaries in Convergys based on job categories

The well rounded pay structure at Convergys is meant to amply reward an employee based on his employment status, employment ranking, profile etc. Please have a look at the fairly detailed list drawn below:

Job Categories Annual average salaries
Senior Manager INR 1150000 – INR 1760000 with an annual average of INR 1460000
Workforce Management Analyst INR 190559 – INR 545546
Senior TSO INR 240000 – INR 468000 with an annual average of INR 354151
Software Developer INR 271858 – INR 1119268
Senior Systems analyst INR 300000 – INR 1700000 with an annual average of INR 1280000
Technical support INR 304000 – INR 330000
Network Engineer 113488 – Rs 573802
Senior Customer Service Representative INR 165585 – INR 469315
Intern INR 193000- INR 364000 with an annual average of INR 278316
Quality Assurance Analyst Call Center INR 153694 – INR 452471
Quality Evaluator INR 310000- INR 375000 with an annual average of INR 338333
Team Manager INR 481000- INR 681000 with an annual average of INR 580856
Technical Support Engineer INR 231000- INR 249000

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Annual average salaries in Convergys based on Experience

The variations in salary ranges are also based on the work experience of individuals as well. As he climbs up the ladder of experience, so does he experiences a proportional hike in pay in due intervals:

Experience Annual average salaries
Less than a year INR 210000
1-4 years INR 288684
5-9 years INR 528467
10-19 years INR 1337187

Annual average salaries based on Cities

Salary variations are duly based on different costs of living in different cities as well. Please check out:

Experience Annual average salaries
New Delhi Delhi INR 335105
Bangalore Karnataka INR 352866
Hyderabad Karnataka INR 921212
Pune Maharashtra INR 325088

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Annual Average Salaries based on Skills

The employees are rewarded with due pay packets influenced, to a certain extent, by the skills mastered by them

Skills Annual average salaries
UNIX INR 893174
Microsoft Office INR 405477
Microsoft Excel INR 460355
Microsoft Exchange INR 392755
SQL INR 829471
Oracle INR 988218
Microsoft Word INR 437209
Network Administration or Management INR 489088

Annual average salaries based on Gender

Here is a glimpse of the annual average salaries based on gender:

Gender Annual average salaries
Female INR 357321
Male INR 399686

Annual average salaries based on degree or certification

The academic qualification and the professional certification acquired by the employees influence their pay to a large extent. Here is a glimpse:

Certification or degree Annual Average Salaries
Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science INR 754390 – INR 1720612
Cisco Certified Network Professional INR 892500
Bachelor's Degree INR 208142 – INR 1065807
Certified Six Sigma White Belt INR 329000
Master of Business Administration or MBA INR 158900 – INR 1285555
Microsoft Certified Professional INR 399241

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Perks and benefits

The comprehensive package of benefits, shelled out at the company, includes

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Private medical insurance
  • Life Insurance

** Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time.