Since last decade, Financial sector has shown the tremendous growth by increasing the number of finance companies and institutes. This has given an opportunity to large number of job seekers to groom their career in financial sector. Demand of Credit Analyst has also increased with this change. Credit Analyst is responsible for analysing and investigating the credit history of borrower. They also determine the creditworthiness of the consumer to lend money. NPA of the company also depends on their performance of credit analyst.
credit-analystCredit Analysts work in different category or department like finance services, accounting, banking, consultancy and entry level. Task and responsibility differ in each category. Credit Analysts can work in different industry of various sector like in finance sector, they work in financial services and insurance; other services like internet, healthcare , hospitality and leisure, media, retail wholesale, software networking telecom and transportation. They can also work in industries of secondary sector like Aerospace and defence, biotechnology, chemical, construction, manufacturing durable and nondurable goods.

Credit Analyst enjoys handsome amount of salary. Thier salaries have progressive way of increment as the year of experience increases. On an average basis, their average salaries are:

  • Average annual salary :Rs 5 lakh
  • Monthly average salary: Rs 40K
  • Minimum annual salary: Rs 2.2 lakh
  • Maximum annual salary: Rs 11 lakh
  • Minimum annual salary with other benefits : Rs 2.4 lakh
  • Maximum annual salary with other benefits : Rs 12 lakh

Salary of credit manager and other related designation

Similar designation, credit managers are considered more senior than credit analysts in some organisation and some time same as credit analyst. Salaries of professionals like credit analyst are shown in the given table.

Salary of credit analyst related post
Professions Credit Controller Credit Manager Credit Risk Analyst
Average monthly salary Rs 35K Rs 45K Rs 50K
Average annual salary Rs 4.5 lakh Rs 5.5 lakh Rs 7 lakh
Minimum annual package Rs 2.8 lakh Rs 4 lakh Rs 3.5 lakh
Maximum annual package Rs 6 lakh Rs 7.5 lakh Rs 11 lakh

Salary credit Analyst in different organisation

CRISIL used to spend Rs 5.5 lakh annually for their credit analyst and they provide Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6.8 lakh. tate bank of IndiaS spends more than CRISIL for Credit Analyst. SBI provides annual salary packages in the range of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 9 lakh. They spend Rs 7 lakh annually on single credit analyst. Barclay Shared Services Pvt. Ltd. spends Rs 3.5 lakh on credit analyst. They provide annual packages in the range of Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh. Salary packages of credit analyst in other organizations are given below.

Organisation Average monthly salary Average annual salary Minimum annual package Maximum annual package
Bank of India Rs 62K Rs 7.5 lakh Rs 7 lakh Rs 8.5 lakh
Axis Bank Rs 80K Rs 10 lakh Rs 4.7 lakh Rs 15 lakh
MAGMA Rs 40K Rs 4.7 lakh Rs 4 lakh Rs 5.1 lakh
HSBC Rs 10K Rs 13 lakh Rs 8 lakh Rs 18 lakh
Fitch Rating Rs 80K Rs 10 lakh Rs 3 lakh Rs 14 lakh
IndusInd Bank Rs 55K Rs 7 lakh Rs 6.6 lakh Rs 8.1 lakh