Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand is one of the fastest growing city in India. The city is having a most favourable environment for industries and companies. There is existence of special economic zone which helps city to grow in fast economics zones. After the development of roadway network, there are many opportunities arises for private sector. Many hospitals, hotels and banks had taken advantage of these opportunities and helped in the development of the city. The development in tourism also makes the city earn a lot. Geographical and environmental advantage make city to boost the tourism sector. Mussoorie, Almora, Ranikhet and Nainital are most preferred by the tourists. Major attraction in tourism are historical sites, national parks and mountains.

There are many industries which are settled in Dehradun and provide employment for the people of Dehradun. Some of them are clothed, leather, wood and wood product, paper and paper product, print and broadcast media, petroleum manufacture, chemical and chemical product, rubber and plastic product. Major Industry which has flourished to a large extent in Dehradun is tourism, along with IT (Information Technology) helps major to speed up the process of development.

Salaries of Professionals in Dehradun

Salaries of professional in Dehradun are good enough to get on par with the national an average of the cities. Assistant professor gets average annual salary of Rs 4.6 lakh. Marketing manager’s average annual pay is around Rs 3 lakh. Where, accountants have their average annual salary of Rs 2.7 lakh. Software engineer’s average annual salary is Rs 2.2 lakh.


Salaries of Degree holder in Dehradun

There are enough number of Education institutes which provide education to a large number of students and the one who holds a Bachelor Degree is paid Rs 80 thousand to Rs 6 lakh whereas, the salaries of MBAs degree holder start with Rs 1 lakh and maximum salary they get is Rs 5.5 lakh.