Dr Reddys Laboratory Salary in India

Set up in the year 1984 with a view to facilitate healthy living, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd through its pharmaceuticals services has significantly consolidated its presence worldwide.

The portfolio of products and services in the offering includes:

CPS or Custom Pharmaceutical Services:

  • Biocatalysis
  • Niche Steroidal APIs
  • Chiral Technologies

Global Generics include both branded (Ciprolet, Nise, Omez, Cetrine, Enam, Exifine, Ketorol etc) and unbranded portfolio space.

New Chemical Entities or NCEs with focus on Therapeutic Concerns:

  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Pain/Inflammations

APIs, CPSIA (consumer Product Safety Act of 1970) and Biosimilars are other significant fixtures of the company portfolio.

Dr Reddy's Laboratories Career Growth and Benefits:

Those looking forward to a career at Dr Reddy's must be pleasantly surprised to know that the concern pays 10% (approximately) above market salaries. Here is how some of them stand:

Job CategoryAverage salaries (per annum)
Accountant/Accounts ExecutiveINR 102,000 - INR 305,000 (with an annual average salary of INR 160,000)
Research Scientist (Biotechnology)INR187,729 - INR1,197,5435
Accounts ManagerINR 305,000 - INR 703,000 (with an annual average salary of INR 440,000)
Area Sales ManagerINR 217,945 - INR 893,775
Sales Representative, PharmaceuticalsINR 216,608 - INR 666,321
Medical Sales RepresentativeINR 118,004 - INR 466,136
Accounts Executive/AccountantINR 150,000 - INR 350,000 (with an annual average salary of INR 227,000)
Chemical Process EngineerINR 189,862 - INR1 101,150
Senior Research Scientist, BiotechnologyINR 364,782 - INR 2,494, 812
Regulatory SpecialistINR 266,114 - INR1,300,226
Senior Research Scientist (Unspecified)INR 466,824 - INR 3,333,915
Research ScientistINR 185,841 - INR 1,024,629

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Asides from excellent growth opportunity at crucial junctures of one’s career, the driving force behind the entire workforce is the impressive pay packet which increases with one’s growing experience at the concern:

ExperienceAverage salaries (per annum)
Less than a yearINR 360,000
5-9 yearsINR 598,687
10-19 yearsINR 845,000
20 years or moreINR 3,481,713

A combination of the right degree and experience is what is required to earn big here. As you have already had a glimpse of considerable salary hikes with growing experience, see what kind of salary from Dr Reddy's your degree can fetch you:

DegreeAverage salaries (per annum)
Doctorate (PhD)INR 982,635 - INR 1,831,257
Bachelor’s DegreeINR 205,368 - INR 1,986,586
BT/BTech, Chemical EngineeringINR 240,000 - INR 516,673
MBA or Master of Business AdministrationINR 500,000 - INR 3,000,000

Different salary ranges are in the offing, keeping in view the variations in costs of living in different cities:

CitiesAverage salaries (per annum)
DelhiINR 358,683
PuneINR 289,500
BengaluruINR 420,000
HyderabadINR 630,977
NagpurINR 216,000
MumbaiINR 2,050,000
VishakhapatnamINR 450,000

Gender based salary variations also exist:

Female: INR 294,791 (Annual average salary per year)

Male: INR 534,953 (Annual average salary per year)

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Employees are usually entitled to comprehensive benefit/compensation package which includes the following:

  • Life Insurance/Disability
  • Cell Phone
  • Paid Holidays
  • Superannuation Fees
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Training/Education/Tution/Required Certification Reimbursement
  • Paid Vacation

* Salaries and benefits are subject to change without prior notice.

Last Updated: 06/12/2014