ebay is the most hyped multinational corporation and e-commerce company. It has expanded it roots across India and has established a significant center in Chennai, India. ebay has its own web portal ebay.com that deals with online shopping in which people and businesses buy and sell a huge variety of goods and services across the world. ebay has emerged to be the highest paying recruiter as they are able to pay an average package Rs. 14 Lakh or more annually. This write up is about the salary packages given to employees working with ebay India.

There are more than 10,000 employees working with ebay all over India. The best learning and growing is ensured by ebay as working with ebay enhances your skills and knowledge. The salary package standards at ebay helps employees to meet their expectations.

Experience and skills have a great effect on the income of employees. More the experience higher will be the salary and vice versa. Thus, you profile and experience are the necessary requirements in order to earn lucrative packages. We have put department wise data of salaries which shall assist you know your salary even better. This page is written mainly for the freshers and experienced ones to know their accurate salary. Average salary of IT professionals and others working with ebay is shown in the following table.

Average salary of IT Professionals and others at ebay
Particulars Annual Average Salary
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 8 Lakh – Rs. 25 Lakh
Software Engineer Rs. 3 Lakh – Rs. 18 Lakh
Staff Software Engineer Rs. 8 Lakh – Rs. 65 Lakh
Senior Software QA Engineer Rs. 2 Lakh – Rs. 15 Lakh
Analytics Manager Rs. 7 Lakh – Rs. 27.2 Lakh
Product Manager Rs. 3 Lakh – Rs. 25.5 Lakh
Senior Analyst Rs. 3 Lakh – Rs. 11 Lakh
Senior Business Analyst Rs. 10 Lakh – Rs. 11 Lakh
Business Development Manager Rs. 4 Lakh – Rs. 9 Lakh

Above listed salaries are subject to change without any prior notice. ebay has been maintaining its pace in Indian market and it is counted one of the most user friendly shopping portals. Be it satisfying customers’ needs or employees’ needs, ebay has always given a flawless service. Your learnings and experience at ebay can easily be encashed in future which shall help you lead better. We have put up a simplified information about the salary packages at ebay. You can easily get information about the other industries and their salary packages on our website.

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