As Ecommerce in India is growing by leaps and bounds and being an emerging sector, many people are finding it as their next resort to work with. Ecommerce in India has enticed youth by offering them fat money. The presence of Ecommerce in market has raised the opportunities for senior and middle level management as well as a large number of freshers are trying their best to get into Ecommerce. This write up is written to focus on the salary of professionals working in Ecommerce and for the freshers who are going to begin their career with Ecommerce.

Being at expansionary path, the number of job opportunities has gone enormous in this sector. To strengthen the position in the market and increase the headcount, Ecommerce companies are recruiting bulk of potential workforce and offering fat salary packages to attract maximum talented people. Huge appraisals and hike in the salary are being made to retain the existing employees. What prompt people to move towards Ecommerce are good pay cheques, healthy annual hikes, vibrant and jovial environment and bigger responsibilities.

Salary of some professionals in Ecommerce

Professionals working in Ecommerce companies are paid well and the benefits they are given are remarkable. compared to all the other industries, Ecommerce has turned out to be the highest salary payer to the professionals. Salary of some professional is listed in the following table.

Average Salary Packages of Professionals working in Ecommerce
Particulars Average Salary(per year)
Software Engineer Rs. 5.5 Lakh
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 9 Lakh
Software Development Engineer Rs. 12.9 Lakh
Software Developer Rs. 5 Lakh
Operations Manager Rs. 9.10 Lakh
PHP Developer Rs. 3 Lakh
Web Developer Rs. 3 Lakh
Web Designer Rs. 3 Lakh
Project Manager IT Rs. 11 Lakh
Project Manager Software Development Rs. 10.5 Lakh
Software Test Lead Rs. 9 Lakh
Information Technology (IT) Consultant Rs. 8 Lakh

Above listed salary packages are raked by those who bear mid-level experience. Experience has a major influence on income in Ecommerce. The more the experience, higher will be the salary and vice versa.

Salary of Product Manager in Ecommerce

A product manager in Ecommerce earns an average salary of Rs. 11 Lakh a year and the skills and experience have a major influence on this profession. Simplified form of product manager salary, according to experience level is listed in the table.

Salary of Product Manager in Ecommerce according to Experience
Particulars Average Salary (Per Year)
Entry Level Rs. 7 Lakh
Mid level Rs. 10 Lakh
Experienced Level Rs. 20 Lakh
Salary of Product Manager in Ecommerce according to skills
Particulars Average Salary (Per Year)
Product Development Rs. 8 Lakh
Ecommerce Rs. 11.75 Lakh
Microsoft Office Rs. 15 Lakh

Salary hike in Ecommerce

To attract maximum workforce, Ecommerce companies have come up with a strategy of hiking salary packages from 30 to 40%. Big players like flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon have done major hikes in the salary of professions. amazingly, in some of the key positions they have hiked the salary by 100 %.


Since, Ecommerce has been growing gradually, it is observed that they are trying to retain the efficient workforce through appraisals and hikes in the salaries. In the recent phase, salary offered in Ecommerce is higher than other industries. The main motive of Ecommerce is to attract the bulk of potential workforce to rule over the market in coming years.

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