Human capital is the main factor of production of a country. The Education sector is one of the sector which increase the productivity of the country. In India, two type of education Industry is present, one is private sector and another is government sector. India is a developing country, which is having huge potential to make up the country’s human capital earn the most out of it. In Indian education system, seats are reserved for SC (Schedule Caste), ST (Schedule Tribes) and OBC (Other Backward caste) in college and school seats for students as well for teachers also. Education sector of India residing with huge potential of growth in it. There is shortage of around 10-12 lakh teachers in India. This indicate that there is need to increase the supply of teachers to make shortage filled.
educationThe primary education in India is expanding and getting the involvement of high tech system to educate the students in better way. In the private sector, technology oriented courses are most prominent due to increase in the demand of other Industry. Distance learning and E- Learning also gaining the popularity now a day for working professionals in India. As most of Indian prefer to go outside india for higher studies. So, the market for foreign Industries is much prevalent in India. Government of india is also encouraging this through introducing 100% FDI in Education sector.

The most preferred course in this sector is B.Ed i.e Bachelor of education. There are many government universities and private universities offering this course and this qualification is necessary for school teacher of any subject. For teaching in the college, one need to have master degree of particular subject. To improve the quality of education government had introduced the eligibility test for the teachers, NET (National Eligibility Test) for college teacher and CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) for school teachers. There are other profession in education sector which doesn’t need these qualification. Those profession need the same skill as the other industry needed.

Average annual Salaries of Education sector of India


Salaries of professionals of Education sectors

Most preferred profession in the education sector are school teacher and college lecturer. The salaries of these professions vary according to the institutes. In some private colleges, the lecturer and the professors are enjoying the thick salaries and other fringe benefits. Same is the case with school teachers, the private schools are generally facilitate their teacher with huge salaries and other fringe benefits to improve and maintain the upper level quality in the education system provided by them. There are some average annual packages of some professions in the given table to know more about the salaries of Education sector.

Salaries in Education Sector in Metropolitan cities of India

The Metropolitan cities are known for the standard type of education in India. These cities are having the talented and competitive workforce for this industry. Delhi is known to be the hub of Education sector. This was mainly due to learning centre at the time of british. The salaries in metropolitan cities are much better than any other place or city in the country. You can compare the salaries of professions in metropolitan cities in the following table

Salaries of Education Sector in India
Delhi Mumbai Chennai
Designation Low Salary High Salary Low Salary High Salary
Assistant Professor 250000 350000 250000 350000
Counsellor 175000 225000 200000 275000
Dance Teacher 155000 200000 175000 225000
Drawing Teacher 175000 225000 175000 225000
Lecture/Professor 250000 325000 300000 375000
Libarian 175000 225000 175000 225000
Principal 300000 400000 300000 400000
Teacher 155000 200000 215000 300000