The largest education company in India, Educomp is a globally acknowledged organization catering to around 32,000 schools and 20.9 million students across the globe. This smart class is one of its kind educational content based solution engineered by teachers.

It primarily caters to the changing education needs by working closely with Central and state government agencies and, IT and HRD ministries to bring about the desired outcome.

Average Salaries at Educomp as per Job Category

The fact that Educomp has very well rounded pay packets for its employees belonging to different job categories is amply reflected from the list below:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Executive Administrative Assistant INR 104 599 – INR 441 619
Content Developer- Contractor INR 576 000- INR 623 000
Business Development Manager INR 340 885 – INR 1 341 577
Education Counselor INR 225 000- INR 247 000
Subject Matter Expert INR 348 000- INR 605 000 with an annual average salary of INR 476 495
BDE INR 288 000- INR 313 000
Smart class Coordinator INR 105 000- INR 113 000
Area Manager INR 386 000- INR 497 000 with an annual average salary of INR 441 554
Senior Executive- Human Resource INR 286 000- INR 439 000 with an annual average salary of INR 362 839
National Account Manager INR 747 000- INR 807 000
Manager INR 477 000- INR 773 000 with an annual average salary of INR 624 545
Coordinator INR 85 000- INR 250 000 with an annual average salary of INR 130 600

Annual Average Salaries in Educomp based on Experience

Salary variations based on the work experience of different employees exist. If you take a good look at the list below, you will find that the salary ranges head steadily northwards without any discrepancies whatsoever:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 170 722
5-9 years INR 564 000
20 years or more INR 700 000

Annual Average Salaries based on state or province

The costs of living in different cities vary and so do the average salary ranges at the Educomp offices placed at different states. Please take a look at how the company has tried to maintain parity between costs of living and pay packets in different states

State Annual Average Salaries
Haryana INR 770 000
Delhi INR 271 173
Andhra Pradesh INR 426 900

Perks and Benefits

Here is a glimpse of the comprehensive package of benefits that the Educomp employees are entitled to— kindly have a look:

Particulars Amount
Paid Sick Leave INR 273 450
Cell Phone INR 426 900
Life Insurance/Disability INR 285 450

* Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time.