Emptoris Inc offers global companies quality services in the form of category spend, strategic supply, and contact management solutions. Founded in the year 1999 with its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, Emptoris had been acquired by the IBM in past.


The company offers market competitive pay packets to its employees, with variations based on work experience of employees, costs of living in different cities, skills acquired by employees among other factors. Know more from the lists provided below:

Annual Average Salaries in Emptoris as per Job Category

The difference in salary ranges pocketed by some of the key profiles in the company is clearly reflective of the job responsibilities and employment status enjoyed by them:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Consultant INR 3 33 000- INR 3 66 000
Senior Software Programmer/Developer/Engineer INR 4 39 994 – INR 3 43 751
Software Engineer INR 7 99 000- INR 8 66 000
Associate Architect INR19 10 000- INR 20 90 000
Senior Developer INR  6 21 000- INR 6 79 000

Annual Average Salaries in Emptoris based on Experience

Much value is attached to the worth of work experience at Emptoris, as it can be clearly gauged from the list presented below. Have a look at how the salaries are steadily heading northwards with the growing experience:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1-4 years INR 2 04 000
5-9 years INR 7 05 870
10-19 years INR 22 00 000

Annual Average Salaries in Emptoris based on Cities

City Annual Average Salaries
Pune Maharashtra INR 6 72 243

Annual Average Salaries based on Skills

Here is a considerably detailed look at the average yearly pay packets earned on the basis of their skills or specialties

Skills Annual Average Salaries
Java/J2EE INR 6 17 514
SQL INR 3 79 992
Microsoft Office INR 6 39 396
Software Test INR 13 00 000
HTML INR 2 91 996
UNIX INR 6 70 000
FrameMaker INR 7 70 000
Microsoft Word INR 7 24 138

Annual Average Salaries based on Certification or Degree

The degree or certification based salaries at Emptoris stand like this:

Degree and Certification Annual Average Salaries
SCJP or Sun Certified Java Programmer INR 9 50 000
Bachelor's Degree INR 4 13 770 – INR 6 25 878

Benefits and Perks

The comprehensive range of perks and benefits is designed with a view to provide employees both with a sense of security regarding their prospects at the concern and with an overall corporate development:

  • Paid Holidays
  • Flexi time
  • Education/Certificate Reimbursement
  • Life Insurance/ Disability
  • Free Drinks

* Salaries and benefits are subject to change without prior notice.