Ernst Young, a transnational professional services organization is one of the four biggest accounting firms. In terms of aggregate revenue, it was the third biggest professional services company worldwide. Ernst Young has nearly 700 offices spread in 140 countries. The headoffice of this frontline accounting firm is located in London. The parent organization was established way back in 1849 and it was restructured in 1989.

Ernst Young (India) provides a range of financial services that can be included under the broad categories of advisory services, assurance services, tax services, transactions advisory services, specialty services, and consultancy services. The organization extends the above mentioned services to a broad spectrum of industries including but not limited to automotive, banking, capital markets, insurance, asset management, public sector, real estate, telecommunications, energy, and IT. It has offices in almost every major Indian city including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Secundrabad, Hyderabad, Trivandrum and Chandigarh.

Career Opportunities in Ernst Young

Ernst Young has been consistently ranked as one of the best employer amongst all multinational corporations on a worldwide basis. Every budding professional aspires to get an opportunity to work with the organization. The well entrenched organizational culture and stimulating work environment of this leading financial services firm appeals to both the prospective job aspirant looking to launch his career and the seasoned professional. Ernst Young firmly believes in extending equal employment opportunities to both the sexes and encourages dedicated employees in every possible way.
Many former and present employees have rated this organization highly in terms of ‘job satisfaction’, ‘conducive work environment’, ‘career advancement opportunities’, and so on. It goes without saying that Ernst Young being one of the most well established professional services firm offers high salaries to all its employees. The salaries offered by the corporate entity in terms of job position, experience, location, certification, skill, and other parameters have been presented below in a tabular form.

Salaries in Ernst Young

Median Salary Range According to Job Position

Job Position Median Salary Range ( INR )
Assistant Manager (Customer Service) 311563-1096059
Associate Auditor 134168-990887
Associate (Accounting Firm) 147557-724559
Associate Director (Financial Services) 1338575-6532563
Business Analyst (Banking/Finance) 145953-678078
Associate Software Engineer 167893-559426
Business Analyst (IT) 160808-633487
Business Process Consultant 277090-2182006
Business Consultant 233103-1983009
Chartered Accountant 306385-2388068
Data Analyst 134626-546660
Financial Analyst 159179-688494
ERP Consultant 224248-762446
Information Technology Auditor 326378-2122600
Management Consultant 339203-1639743
Information Technology Consultant 413283-1523039
Operations Manager 314020-2622322
Project Manager (IT) 488808-1808870
Operations Team Leader 196746-729955
Project Manager (Software Development) 690309-1928056
Risk Management Consultant 429539-1412540
Risk Analyst 232070-981241
SAP Consultant 313088-1759880
Security Consultant (IT/Computing/Networking) 271619-990866
Senior Business Consultant (Advanced Process Control) 445565-2369469
Senior Business Analyst 279919-980318
Senior Financial Analyst 269187-1157257
Senior Professional Service Consultant 495527-1741835
Senior Investment Associate (Financial Services) 297107-2280184
Senior Software Engineer 304212-796750
Senior Tax Manager 270247-4084404
Senior Tax Accountant 138878-694590
Senior Technical Consultant 549939-1353808
Software Test Lead 591961-1421608
Software Engineer 169689-570997
Tax Compliance Manager 449079-2454824
Tax Analyst 188765-344174
Tax Consultant 349879-1371967
Tax Manager 473353-2578450

Average Salary According to Years of Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary ( INR )
0-1 year 303586
1-4 years 378480
5-9 years 831055
10-19 years 1466147
20 years- 3500000

Average Salary According to City

City (State) Average Salary ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 328078
Delhi (NCR) 655919
New Delhi 637630
Gurgaon (Haryana) 601659
Mumbai City (Maharashtra) 861270
Trivandrum (Kerala) 380406
Greater Mumbai (Maharashtra) 638128

Average Salary According to Certification

Certification Average Salary ( INR )
Chartered Accountant 768895
Microsoft Certified Accountant 420679
B.Com 295545
Registered Agent 874478
Chartered Financial Analyst 685450
Cisco Certified Network Associate 566336
Project Management Professional 734131
Certified Public Accountant 712800
Certified Information Systems Auditor 1005596
Business Certificate 384106

Average Salary According to Gender

Gender Average Salary ( INR )
Male 598828
Female 363560

*Salaries are subject to change with time