Fashion Design or fashion designing as a career choice or profession had started becoming popular from the late eighties of the last century and its popularity continues to rise with every passing day. As men and women all over the world started becoming more conscious of their lifestyle habits, designing of apparels and clothing accessories that reflected one’s social and economic stature caught on and slowly but surely became a trend. An entire industry revolving around tailoring and designing of clothes and garments for all age groups slowly developed and eventually burgeoned in the European and North American countries.

Fashion Designing as a career alternative in India

makemytrip-1India has always been a prospective market for leading fashion designing agencies and avant garde fashion designers from around the world. Over time, the fashion designing industry in India underwent a revolution as even the common man could aspire to garb himself in designer clothes. Fashion designing today is a highly lucrative career option. One can scale dizzy heights if one can become successful as a fashion designer.

A career in fashion designing can open the doors to a glamorous world where one will be rubbing shoulders with the well known personalities from all walks of life. By becoming a fashion designer, you’ll not only be able to give vent to your creative urges by fulfilling the sartorial needs of the high society people but also earn big.

However, competition is very stiff in the fashion designing industry and you’d need to have both creative and managerial skills to survive in this sector. You’ll have to enrol for a professional fashion designing course offered by a certified institute in the first place. You can sign up for a course after you’ve completed your higher secondary education. Different types and categories of fashion designing programs are offered by reputed establishments both in the public and private sectors.

After you’ve successfully completed a program, you can either set up your own boutique or apply for a job in an apparel chain, export house, textile mill, jewelleries and accessories firm. You also have prospects of getting empanelled by fashion show sponsors and organizers.  Furthermore, you can make a career out of writing in fashion and lifestyle columns for mainstream print and digital media.

Salaries of Fashion Designers

For an entry level position, you can expect a starting salary of 10,000 INR-15,000 INR. After you gain sufficient experience in your area of expertise, you can look forward to a salary of 35,000 INR to 40,000 INR every month. After a few years, you can open your own boutique or outlet and exploit your network to build a steadfast customer base. Your earnings will also go up considerably.

Salaries for Fashion Designers according to some basic yardsticks

Salaries According to Job Position

Job Position Average Salary Range ( INR )
Apparel Designer 145240-828420
Fashion Columnist 125640-724090
Costume Designer (films and fashion shows) 236450-979210

Salaries of Fashion Designers According to City

City (State) Average Salary Range ( INR )
Bangalore (Karnataka) 180375-751500
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 185902-342050
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 96550-350350
Greater Mumbai (Maharashtra) 121781-1539000
Mumbai Proper (Maharashtra) 353800-970000
New Delhi 193552-1183600
Delhi (NCR) 180300-366551

Salary According to Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary Range ( INR )
0-1 year 176885-243070
1-4 years 124700-594440
5-9 years 235530-1499350
10-19 years 412800-1220840

State-wise Salary

State Average Salary Range ( INR )
Andhra Pradesh 96000-350000
Delhi 180000-1200000
Karnataka 174527-746136
Maharashtra 144970-996138
Tamil Nadu 185816-371670

Salary According to Company Size

Employee Strength or Company Size Average Salary Range ( INR )
42013 240150-600000
10-49 176876-854590
50-199 68600-584060
200-599 181220-1787930

Average Profit Sharing in terms of Years of Experience

Years of Experience Average Profit Allocation
1-4 years Rs 750
5-9 years Rs 10000