The Food Corporation of India or the FCI had been set up by the Government of India as a part of the Food Corporation Act (1964). It mainly deals into management of food grain supply chain from whereby it aims at storing and maintaining buffer stocks for food grains. Other operations included are:

  • Import and Export
  • Quality Control
  • Storage and Contract
  • Finances
  • Sales
  • Landing up a job here means you have afforded yourself both the comfort and high salary that come with a government job. The company presents exciting career opportunities in the operational areas mentioned above.


    As already mentioned above the actual salaries offered by the government jobs in India, along with the perks and benefits are something that have been drawing Indian youth for a long time. Let us find out more about that

    Gross salaries at Food Corporation of India

    The average gross salaries at the Food Corporation of India vary as per the Pay Bands or job ranks attributed to each employee in respect of their seniority, educational qualification etc. Additionally if you go through the salaries offered by the company to several of its employees, you will notice that they are also to some extent, based on the employee categories under which they fall. Here is a glimpse of the average (gross salaries) of the employees of Food Corporation of India

    Job Posts Gross Salary Ranges
    Manager Around INR 38312- INR 81317
    General Manager Around INR 74884- INR 113739
    Grade 1 Technical Assistant Around INR 36488- INR 46085
    Executive Director Around INR 94468 – INR 133574
    Manager (A/C) Around INR 38312 – INR 62184
    Zonal Medical Officer Around INR 112452
    Head Electrician Around INR 42084
    Head Draftsman Around INR 64632
    Grade 1 drivers Around INR 36128 – INR 43414
    Senior Lift Operator Around INR 43076
    Gest Operator Around INR 38798- INR 39955
    Peon Around INR 16884
    Stitcher Around INR 27951- INR 37475
    Head Watchman Around INR 27951- INR 28791

    A glimpse of the benefits of the Food Corporation of India

    As per available information FCI allows a useful package of benefits for its employees, that includes HRA, DA etc.
    * Information regarding salaries has been included from the lists of particular employees who had worked (or are still working) with the esteemed organization – names of whom have not been revealed for protection of privacy.
    **Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time— they will also differ with different employee categories at FCI