Firozabad is one of the city in Uttar Pradesh. It is located in western part of Uttar Pradesh. The City is well known for the small scale Industry, specially for glasses and bangle making small units. The city is well connected with New Delhi, Howrah, Mumbai, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jaipur, Jammu Tawi, Amritsar, Jamshedpur, Patna, Aligarh, Agra, Puri, Ajmer, Ambala, Bareilly, Etawah and Tundla through railway roadway networks.

Since ancient time, the city is engaged in manufacturing glassware. Now, the city is changing his scenario into the glass manufacturing. There are many small scale units engaged in Glass Manufacturing. The major products of these units are glass hardware, glass artware, glass domestic ware, glass automobile ware, chandelier, glass street and domestic light ware etc.

In the recent year, firozabad has been on the path of development. The expansionary path of the glass Industry strengthening its existence and increasing the importance of peoples, government, economy and Industry. The importance of glass industry is understood by the people of Firozabad and the skills and art of making is now getting in to mingle with the world’s style to increase the export. Today, this city has 75% of the population engaged in this Industry.

Salaries of Advertising professional in Firozabad

Salaries of Advertising Industry in Firozabad are at par with the national average. Head of the department are are getting the thick package in this Industry. Communication executive, creative directors are handsome paid professionals. For search engine optimisers are also paid well as compare to others. you can see the difference in the given chart below.


Salaries of Professionals of Finance Industry

In the finance Industry, Finance Analyst is the one who enjoy the handsome salary packages as compare to other analyst. Relationship executive are paid lowest among the professionals in Firozabad. The salary of Claim executive is same as the Relationship executive. Salaries of other professionals in the finance Industry is given below in the table

Professionals Low Salary High Salary
Analyst 250000 325000
Branch Manager 350000 500000
Claims Executive 200000 250000
Credit Analyst 200000 300000
CRM/ Phone Banking 275000 325000
Equity Manager 275000 325000
Finance Manager 300000 425000
Financial Analyst 350000 425000
Legal Manager 225000 300000
Operations Executive 275000 350000
Product Manager 250000 300000
Relationship Executive 200000 300000
Sales Executive 225000 300000

Salaries of Finance professionals in Firozabad in Indian INR