The origin of Ford can be traced back to America where it was established in 1903 and it made its foray into the Indian market in the year 1988 with a much popular vehicle named Ford Escort. Since then it has been churning out some of the most favorite brands of Indians namely, Ford Fiesta, Ford Endeavour, Ford Mondeo etc.


Ford India is known for paying well to its employees. As per available information, Ford India pays 16 per cent above market rates, with variations in salaries based on work experience, costs of living in different cities, degrees or certification acquired by employees, gender etc.

Average Salary According to Job Category at Ford India

Needless to mention, different job categories at the company are entitled to starkly variant salary ranges. The list has been provided below:

  • Data Entry Operator Grade A with a salary of INR 16,179 per month.
  • Grade B Data Entry Operators with salary of INR 18,360.
  • Data Entry Operator Grade A (required for carrying out data analysis and administrative work along with data entry) with salaries of INR 13,072 per month.

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Here is list of some of the monthly remunerations earned by Grade B, C, D, and E Data Entry Officers in November 2008
As a male physical education teacher you can earn something like this:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Engineer Trainee INR 523 000 – INR 572 000
Tax Analyst INR 351 913 – INR 819 476
Business Analyst (IT) INR 560 121 – INR 1 518 086
Team Member at Level III INR 228 000 – INR 252 000
Technical Project Manager INR 529 159- INR 2 154 146
Manufacturing Engineer INR 378 319 – INR 1 326 899
Supply Chain Analyst INR 246 004 – INR 780 086
Software Engineer INR 422 000 – INR 459 000
Mechanical Engineer INR 196 396 – INR 934 942
Junior Software Engineer INR 177 781 – INR 529 900
Production Technician INR 17 000 – bINR 19 000
Project Manager Information Technology INR 588 628 -INR 1 592 227

Average Salaries at Ford India Based on Experience

Staying quite true to the trust value it has generated among its customers, Ford India believes gaining the same trust from its employees as well. While starters or freshers can expect fairly justifiable salaries, their increasing contribution to the company with the growing number of years here is duly recognized by ideal salary hikes at regular junctures:

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 352 036
1-4 year INR 329 912
5-9 years INR 640 332
10- 19 years INR 1 350 635
20 years INR 2 543 412

Average salaries Based on City at Ford India

Salary variations based on standards of living in different cities are also there. A clear compatibility can be noticed in the list below, where it is reflected that employees living in cities with higher costs of living are entitled to better pay packets than the ones living in the cities with lower costs of living:
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City Annual Average Salaries
Bengaluru Karnataka INR 1 624 246
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 588 504
Ahmedabad Gujarat INR 666 000
Pune Maharashtra INR 400 000
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu INR 175 000
Gurgaon Haryana INR 1 200 000

Average Salaries Based on Degree or Certification at Ford India

The degree or certification based salaries at Ford India, stand something like this:

Degree or Certification Annual Average Salaries
Master of Business Administration or MBA INR 310 939 – INR 669 164
Certified Professional Engineer INR 658 083
Bachelor's Degree INR 218 645 – INR 1 880 153
Business Certificate INR 830 000
Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering INR 342 344 – INR 780 064
PMP or Project Management Professional INR 1 377 845
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt INR 636 415
Bachelor of Commerce Accounting and Finance INR 716 443 – INR 2 543 228
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)DBA INR 650 000
Cisco Certified Network Associate INR 1 159 380
Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering INR 425 433 – INR 1 867 088
B Com INR 338 290

Average Salaries Based on Gender at Ford India

The list of gender based salaries at Ford India stands something like this:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 384 669
Male INR 576 713


The overall bucket of benefits at Ford India includes:

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Superannuation benefits
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Life Insurance or Disability
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    *Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time and without prior notice.