About the Google Inc

Google is one of the best Internet based corporations in the world, which offers a range of services like browsing, advertising, mailing, social networking and many others. It is an American Multinational Corporation, whose services are accessible throughout the world. The worldwide reputation of the firm has earned it, many partners, clients and products.
The company Google Inc. has its headquarters in California, United States, established in 1998, by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company and the services were launched with the sole motto of making the entire world’s knowledge accessible in an easy way, to anyone and everyone. Keeping their mission and technology in mind Google has transformed itself into a brilliant platform for career oriented people as well.

Career at Google:

Google is a vast corporation, where a lot of departments work in harmony, and thereby offering a lot of options to people from diverse fields. You need to apply for the one, that suits you the most and that interests you, and you can be a part too of the Google Inc. The company offers a professional and yet friendly environment, with a lot of scope for learning and growth. From technicians to writers, IT to creative, all kind of professionals are a part of this organization.
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Google Salary by Job

Job salary Bonus
Software Engineer $ 40 000 - $ 190 000 $ 20 000 - $130 000
Senior Software Engineer $ 63 000 - $ 202 000 $ 20 000 - $ 198 000
Software Engineer in Test $ 62 000 - $ 132 000 $ 10 000 - $ 30 000
Software Research Engineer $ 95 000 - $ 150 000 $ 50 000 - $138 000
Product Manager $ 40 000 - $ 183 000 $ 20 000 - $ 28 000
Systems Administrator $ 56 000 - $ 128 000 $ 10 000 - $ 55 000
Site Reliability Engineer $ 65 000 - $125 000 $ 10 000 - $ 68 000
Account Strategist $51 000 - $ 82 000 $ 10 000 - $ 100 000

Benefits at Google:

Google takes care of its employees like a family, and offer them perks and benefits which provides their physical, emotional, financial and social life a perfect balance. Here are some of the amazing benefits that Google offers:

  • Nurses, physicians and health consultants are available for the aid of the employees who need a physical health, at any given time.
  • Travel insurance is offered to the employees, along with emergency assistance, even on personal trips.
  • Maternity or paternity paid leaves are offered to new parents.
  • Various workshops and creative events are organized for interesting learning of the employees.
  • The company also offers legal help to the employees.

Jobs at Google

Some of the popular openings at Google are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Ads Quality Rater
  • Account Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager, Social and Consumer
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager
  • Enterprise Sales Representative
  • Legal Counsel
  • Account Executive, Education
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    Top qualifications desired by Google:

    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science
    • Master of Technology, Computer Science

    Male - Female Ratio in Google:

    • Male Ratio: 79%
    • Female Ratio: 21%

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    Interview criterion for jobs in Google Inc:

    • Living up to the high standards of its name, Google hires its employees following a very acute procedure. The HR panel takes care of the qualifications and capabilities of every aspirant before welcoming them in the corporation. Take a look at how you should prepare yourself before an interview in Google.
    • The first round would be a telephonic round, where a personal introduction would take place.
    • The second round would be a Skills Test, through which your basic aptitude and knowledge would be analyzed.
    • The third round would be a personal interview with the HR team, where questions regarding your field would be asked and your overall confidence and personality would be analyzed.
    • A technical round would also be there, in case you are applying for a technical field.