Grasim Suiting and Shirting is a name that almost every Indian is aware of. However, Grasim Industries Limited is not restricted to textiles alone. It is one of the largest manufacturers of Indian building materials. The company, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group based in Mumbai, was established in 1948 predominantly as a textile manufacturer. Over the years, the company has expanded operations into building materials. The group has now diverse production interests and manufactures viscose staple fibre, sponge iron, cement and chemicals.

Today, the company has made a mark not only in India, but also in twelve countries spread over four continents. Grasim has grown from strength to strength over the years and is now the second largest manufacturer of viscose rayon fibre in the world with a substantial 21 percent market share. Aditya Birla Group operates around 40 companies, but textile related companies contribute more than 15 percent to the entire turnover of the group.

Finding employment in this company is a matter of pride. Grasim Industries hire thousands of freshers and experienced personnel every year. The salary offered by the company is pretty decent and well up to Industry standards. Given here is the categorization of salaries depending on different factors.

Salary in Grasim Industries Based on Job Profile

The Salary at Grasim varies with the job profile. The criticality of the post and the specialization required are the major deciding factors for the salary differentiation. The salary scales for various job profiles are given below.

Job name Salary (INR in Lacs per annum)
Accountant/ Accounts Executive 1.8 – 6
Area/ Territory Sales Manager 5 – 13
Chartered Accountant 5 – 12.5
Manager 5.76 – 6.24
Production manager 4.0 – 12.50
Research Engineer 2.06 – 2.24
Engineering manager 7.50 – 12
Project manager 3.50 – 12.50
Maintenance Engineer 3.21 – 8.50
Industrial engineer 3.0 – 4.8
GET Instrumentation 1.56 – 1.80
Intern/trainee 1.08 – 1.20

Salary by Years of Experience

Work experience in a particular vertical decides the worth of the employee in that job profile. The higher the years of experience, the more is the demand for the employees because they bring years of practical on job training with them. The company benefits from the learning curve the employee has attained. The salary for employees at Grasim having 20 or more years of experience is given below.

Years Of Experience Salary (INR in Lacs per annum)
20 Years or More 12.6

Salary by Gender

As any manufacturing and distribution company, the count of male employees exceeds the number of female employees. The median salary for male employees is given below.

Gender Salary (INR in Lacs per annum)
Male 7.9

Grasim Industries rank amongst the most respected Indian companies due to their highly motivated employees and employee friendly work environment. The salary paid to the employees is an indicator for the same as it matches industry trends and leads to employee satisfaction.