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Millennium city, Gurgaon is a part of NCR (National Capital Region). City got emerged within last two decades with flourishing service sectors. Gurgaon has the third highest per capita income in India. People living in Delhi, do prefer to work in gurgaon. Maruti Suzuki was the first company, which has opened his manufacturing unit in gurgaon. Many companies have taken initiatives after Maruti Suzuki to set up their unit in Gurgaon. There are large number of software outsourcing work has been done in gurgaon. MNCs are much more interested in setting up units and taking advantage of skilled workforce of Delhi and northern India. General Electric was the first American company which has setup unit in Gurgaon.

There are large number of BPOs and IT units providing employment to large part of the workforce. City is home to many specialized in domain expertise. The presence of many International companies like American Express, Microsoft, Expedia, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, IBM, Agilent Technologies, and Bank of America make city to achieve the high pace of growth. Various MNCs have their headquarters in Gurgaon. The Retail sector also plays a vital role in generation of money and providing employment. There are around 26 shopping malls in gurgaon. Although, the infrastructure of Gurgaon is not much developed like other metropolitan cities but still the city is spinning more money than many cities. The city has major advantage of large workforce of north India, who are seeking employment in Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region). The Infrastructure of city is increasing day by day. Connectivity of Delhi Metro to Gurgaon spurts the economic pace which increases the opportunities to many job seekers.

Salaries of Professionals in Gurgaon

Salaries of professionals in Gurgaon are more lucrative than any other cities in NCR. IT project managers are paid handsome salaries in Gurgaon. Their average annual salary is Rs 13 lakh. Operation Managers get average annual salary of Rs 8,00,000. Chartered accountant are also paid handsomely but lesser than they are paid in Delhi. Although others professionals are paid more than they are paid in Delhi. Salary of some professionals in Gurgoan is shown in the following table.

Average annual salary of some professionals in Gurgoan
Designation Salaries
IT Managers Rs. 1300000
Managers in Operation Rs. 800000
Business Analysts Rs. 500000
Software Engineers Rs. 450000
Sr. Software Engineers Rs. 700000
Sr. Software Programmers Rs. 725000
Chartered Accountant Rs. 600000

You can compare the salaries of professionals in Delhi and Gurgaon in chart represented below.


Salaries of various degree holders in Gurgaon

Gurgaon pays handsome packages to degree holders. Graduates are paid annual salary packages in the band of Rs. 2.5 – Rs. 17 lakh. There are many finance companies in Gurgaon which require finance professionals. So, this requirement leads to the need of MBA in finance for certain companies. This increases the pay scale of MBA Finance. Although, the salaries of MBA finance degree holders is greater than other MBA degree holders. But, still they are paid thick annual packages in comparison of other National Capital regions and metropolitan cities. The Salaries of various degree holders is shown in the following table.

Annual Salary band of degree holder
Degree Salary Band
Graduation Rs. 2.5 – Rs. 17 lakh
MBA Rs. 3 – Rs. 24 lakh
B. Eng IT Rs. 2.25 – Rs. 12 lakh
BCom Rs. 2 – Rs. 3 lakh
MCA Rs. 3 – Rs. 13 lakh
B. Eng electronic Rs. 2.5- Rs. 11 lakh
MBA Finance Rs. 2.5 – Rs 22 lakh
MBA HR Rs 2.5 – Rs 14 lakh

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