Healthcare sector is the sector which provides goods and services in prevention, treatment and management of illness. Healthcare sector also deals with prevention of mental and physical well being through the services provided by medical, nursing and allied health professions. Sector mainly include services like Hospitality, Medical devices, Pathology, Medical tourism, Telemedicine and Health Insurance. Healthcare sector account for around 5 % of the GDP. The contribution of public sector in healthcare is 1% of the GDP. About 80% of spending in Health care sector spending comes from private sector.

Healthcare sector provides opportunities through innovation, differentiation and profit. Growth in this sector is on the upward trend. There is large number of new opportunities are lying in healthcare sector in both the sector, rural as well as urban. New business which were emerged are Clinics, Health insurance organizations, Consulting firms Healthcare associations, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Physician practices, Mental health organizations, Rehabilitation centers, Public health departments, Skilled nursing facilities, Universities and research institutions.

Career in Healthcare

health-care-sectorProfessions in healthcare are somewhat direct jobs like nurses and doctors. Other jobs in healthcare are management, marketing, health information services, human resource management, billing and other department. To get in management of healthcare institutes, one need to have management degree with specialization in healthcare management. These degrees are available in both, graduation as well as post graduation level. Pharmacy is also one of the segment, which is having huge scope and better opportunities to work in. Healthcare sector also include insurance in health. This business is also flourishing day by day.

Salaries of professionals in Healthcare

Salaries of professionals in healthcare sector vary according to the healthcare institutes. Average salary of an docter is Rs 35,000 per month. Salaries of other professionals is given in following table.

Professions Salaries
Software Engineer Rs. 520000
Sr. Software Engineer Rs. 840000
Sr. Research Associate Rs. 800000
Data Operator Rs. 125000
Sr. Executive Assistant Rs. 320000
Data Analyst Rs. 360000
Hospital Administrator Rs. 310000
Research Officer Rs. 250000
Jr. Research Fellow Rs. 200000

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