The roots of one of the leading English language newspaper in India can be traced back to the Indian Independence Movement. Today the newspaper commands one of the greatest circulations in India – as per the Audit Bureau of Circulations 1.4 million copies of the paper were circulated in the year 2010.


As per available information, Hindustan Times pays salaries worth 20 per cent more than standard market rates. Here is more on them:
Each and every profile is amply rewarded as far as the salary is concerned. The variations in ranges are based on a number of factors like employment status, work experience, job responsibilities etc. Have a look at the average annual salaries received by some of the key profiles at the company:3

Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Multimedia Producer INR 483000- INR 522000
Assistant Sales Manager INR 242698 – INR 675165
Lifestyle Writer INR 252000- INR 276000
Senior Executive INR 267000- INR 292000
Manager INR 696000- INR 744000

Annual Average Salaries in Hindustan Times based on Experience

The salary ranges move steadily northwards with substantial increase in work experience of the employee. As the employee gradually gains work experience in the company he can expect correspondent raise in pay packets, but after crucial intervals of time. The list presented below can be of further help:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
1- 4 years INR 257253
5-9 years INR 444169
10-19 years INR 976755

Average Annual Salaries in Hindustan Times based on Cities

The costs of living in different cities necessitate the maintenance of crucial differences in average salary ranges – here is how the distribution of average salaries stands in some of the cities – please have a look:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
New Delhi Delhi INR 423000
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 670000
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 780000

Annual Average Salaries based on Gender

The gender based salaries at Hindustan Times stand like this:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 153051
Male INR 541408

Annual Average Salaries in Hindustan Times based on Industry

Industry Annual Average Salaries
Diversified Media INR 2110000
Newspaper Publisher INR 366876
Media Network INR 370000

Benefits or Perks

The comprehensive package of perks and benefits at the company is designed with utmost care (as is evident from the lists presented below), as asides from the salaries even perks like cash bonus are duly distributed as per work experience, cities etc. The lists below suggest that the company has effectively built up its employee retention technique over the years. Asides from the temptation of working with a brand like Hindustan Times, employees are also induced to stick to the company for the host of financial securities promised by it in the form of substantial perks and benefits. Please have a look:

Particular Amount
Paid Sick Leave INR 27500
Private Medical Insurance INR 50730
Free Drinks INR 115000
Life Insurance/Disability INR 200000
Cell Phone INR 40000
Company Pension Plan INR 150000

Cash Bonus

Cash Bonus based on Job Profile

Job Profile Cash Bonus
1-4 years INR 31548
5-9 years INR 27366
10-19 years INR 100000

Cash Bonus Based on Cities

Cities Cash Bonus
New Delhi Delhi INR 36000
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 102500
Chennai Tamil Nadu INR 37500

Cash Bonus based on Industry

Industry Cash Bonus
Diversified Media INR 300000
Newspaper Publisher INR 26314
Media Network INR 40000

Cash Bonus based on Gender

Gender Cash Bonus
Female INR 20000
Male INR 48204

Vacation Weeks

Vacation weeks based on Experience

Experience Vacation Weeks
1-4 years 1.0 weeks
5-9 years 3.7 weeks
10-19 years 3.0 weeks

Vacation Weeks based on City

City Vacation Weeks
New Delhi Delhi 1.0 weeks
Chennai Tamil Nadu 1.0 weeks

*Salaries and benefits are subject to change without prior notice