With its operations in some of the major cities in the country like Gurgaon (headquarter), Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc, Indiabulls has presence in varying commercial activities in

  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Financial Services
  • Power
  • Retail Multiplex
  • Infrastructure


Listed below are details of how the company pays its employees.

Average Annual Salaries in Indiabulls as per Job Posts

The variations in the market competitive pay package at Indiabulls are based on a number of factors including the job category, employment status, work experience of the employee among other things. Further details are provided below. Please have a look.

Job Posts Annual Average Salaries
Technical Lead INR 1100000- INR 1180000
Relationships Manager INR 200000- INR 360000 with an annual average of INR 290000
Financial Analyst INR 246000- INR 1240000 with an annual
Compliance Officer INR 217000- INR 233000
Erection Engineer INR 288000- INR 312000
Senior Manager INR 580000- INR 1190000
Sales Manager INR 822000- INR 880000
Credit Manager INR 315000- INR 388000 with an annual average of INR 351394
Bank INR 387000- INR 415000
Business Analyst INR 301000- INR 321000
Assistant Vice President INR 1740000- INR 1870000
Law Officer INR 264000- INR 288000
GET Operations INR 388000- INR 414000

Annual Average Salaries based on Experience

As per available information, employees having around a year of experience pocket some of the highest average salaries. Please have a look:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Up to a year of experience INR 300000
Up to 2 years of experience INR 150000
Up to 3 years of experience INR 170000
Up to 4 years of experience INR 180000
Up to 7 years of experience INR 260000
Up to 8 years of experience INR 420000
Up to 9 years of experience INR 500000

Annual Average Salaries at Indiabulls Securities with Respect to Cities

The different costs of living in different cities necessitate different pay packages:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Gurgaon Haryana INR 342000
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 252000
Delhi INR 239975
Bangalore Karnataka INR 729600

Annual Average Salaries at Indiabulls Securities with Respect to Skills

Here is a glimpse of the skill based annual average pay packet at Indiabulls Securities:

Skills Annual Average Salaries
Sales INR 250000
Microsoft Excel INR 245854

Perks or Benefits at IndiaBulls

Aside from the impressive salaries, the company also ensures that their employees are duly rewarded with an equally comprehensive package of benefits that may include the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Stock Options
  • Paid Holidays
  • Flex Time

*Salaries are subject to change with time.