Salary in Indian Army

About Indian Army

The Indian Army comprises the largest constituent of the Indian Armed Forces. The origin of the Indian Army can be traced back to the period when India was under colonial rule. The Indian Army when first incorporated, was called the 'British Indian Army'. With India becoming independent on 15th August, 1947, it was rechristened as the 'Indian Army'.

The different regiments and units of the army have participated in many wars and battles all over the world since its inception. The Indian Army took part in numerous campaigns in the two World Wars and played a stellar role in Indo-Pak wars in 1947, 1965, and 1971 and Indo-Chin war in 1962.

The Indian Army is actively engaged in providing ho-holes barred security to the nation both internally and externally protecting the country from external hostility and belligerence and also maintaining defence within the nation. The Indian Army with more than a million active regiments and over 9 lakhs reserve troops is one of the biggest standing armies worldwide.

However the different personnel serving the Indian Army despite providing selfless service continue to draw salaries that make it very difficult for them to make ends meet and keep themselves active enough. Nevertheless, the Central Government has given in to the demand for constituting an exclusive Pay Commission for the Indian Armed Forces (distinct from the 7th Pay Commission for civilian employees) by the three service chiefs.

A Distinct Pay Commission for the Indian Armed Forces

The service chiefs heading the army, navy and the air-force divisions demanded that the salaries of the armed forces should be revised and upgraded in the same manner as that of the IAS cadres. They raised objections for not including a single representative from the armed forces in the panel constituted by the Prime Minister to review demands for uniformity in pay structure with that of civil servants.

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Salary Tables for Some Positions in the Indian Army

Job TitleMedian Salary Range in Lakhs INR
Primary School Teacher (Army School)78,087-246,800 INR
Physician/ Anaesthetist6,02,000-24,41,700 INR
General Physician3,10,000-9,25,990 INR
Registered Nurse75,672-1,22,090 INR

Average Salary in Terms of Years of Experience

Years of EmploymentAverage Salary in lakhs
0-1 year1,59,190 INR-10,50,000 INR
1-4 years6,00,010 INR-24,00,000 INR
5-9 years3,70,971 INR-58,17,500 INR
10-19 years605,050 INR-20,76,000 INR
20 years and more8,68,900 INR-10,80,010 INR

Average Salary in Different Cantonments

City (state)Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir), Army School1,63,020 INR-1,75,657 INR
Bangalore (Karnataka), Physician8,84,382 INR-17,25,247 INR
Bangalore (Karnataka), Military Hospital2,20,045 INR-4,80,000 INR
Delhi4,35,000 INR-7,80,000 INR
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)1,22,050-3,55,671 INR

Salary in Terms of Hospital Beds

Total Number of Hospital BedsAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
100-300 5,84,364 INR-9,15,630 INR
500 and above715,914 INR-18,31,357 INR

Average Salary in Terms of Company Size

Size of CompanyAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
1-10 employees 7,22,000 INR
50,000 and more employees8,08,900 INR

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Average Salary in Terms of Skill/Specialty

Skill or SpecialtyAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
Emergency Room9,62,000 INR
Anaesthesia 9,07,084 INR
Emergency Medicine10,20,000 INR
Intensive Care Unit 3,01,000 INR

Median Salary According to Industry

IndustryAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
Military/Armed Forces7,80,035 INR
Government 6,30,200 INR
National Defence8,70,050 INR
Healthcare 9,60,300 INR
Hospital 9,00,020 INR

Median Salary According to Educational Certification

IndustryAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
MBBS (Anaesthesiology)9,29,040 INR-19,20,000 INR
Doctor of Medicine 707,800 INR-16,50,045 INR

Median Salary According to Incentive/Perk

Benefit/IncentiveAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
Paid Medical Leave6,60,070-16,80,880

Median Salary According to Employment Status

Employment StatusAverage Salary in Lakhs INR
Permanent1,85,000 INR

Last Updated: 06/12/2014