“Indian Economic Services is the most reputed profile in civil services. The role of IES officer is crucial in policy making and implementing them. IES officers are being paid respected salary and they deliver their services more than they are being paid. Our focus is to describe about the salary packages offered by government of India.”

They are responsible for implementing policies, economic administration and economic advice. They are known to be think tanks of the country to provide effective economic policies. They help decision makers of the country being economic advisor. In this globalised era, the need of economist has been increased to predict the business environment and their pros and cons to reduce risk. In the same way, decision maker of the state also needs the IES officers for predicting the economic environment and know the positive and negative effects of policies for better implementing economic policies and accordingly put forward various measures for economic reforms.

Hierarchical Structure of IES Officer

Firstly they are included in IES section support. Then they work as section officer or assistant director. This post is like training period for them. There after, they are promoted to deputy director and under secretary. This post promotes them to director. Director with reputed and tremendous performance in their career are invited as advisor in economic advisory committee. They are also heading various committees and commission at this level. Last stage of hierarchy is chief economic advisor. The hierarchy in the increasing order is given below for simple viewing.

  • IES Section Support
  • Assistant Director (IES) or Section Officer (IES)
  • Deputy Director (IES) or Under Secretary(IES)
  • Director (IES)
  • Advisor (IES)
  • Chief Economic advisor

Salary structure of IES

IES officers get their salary according to their designation. Their salary ranges from Rs 21K to Rs 80K per month. The highest salary is drawn by officer of higher administrative grade. Whereas, the lowest is drawn in the starting of their career by assistant director or research officer. The salary of IES officer with their designation is given in the following table.

Salary of IES officer according to grade and designation
Designation/ Grade Pay Structure
Higher Administrative Grade (HGA)/ Principal Advisor Rs 80000 (fixed)
HAG/Senior Economic advisor Rs 67000 with annual increment of 3% till Rs 79000
Senior Administrative Grade (SAG)/Economic advisor Rs 37400- Rs 67000 with Rs 10000 grade pay
Junior Administrative Grade (JAG)/Economic advisor/ Joint Director Rs 15600- Rs 39000 with Rs 7600 grade pay
Non Functional Selection Selection Grade (NFSG)/ Director / Additional Economic advisor Rs 37400- Rs 67000 with Rs 8700 grade pay
Senior Time Scale (STS)/ Deputy Director / Assistant Economic advisor/ Senior Research Officer Rs 15600- Rs 39100 with Rs 6600 grade pay
Junior Time Scale (JTS)/ Assistant Director / Research Officer Rs 15600- Rs 39100 with Rs 5400 grade pay

Source: www.ies.gov.in

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