Information Technology sector is at the helm of top salary paying industries in India. IT is seen as India’s most promising sector which generated the country’s highest export earning and also offers the top income generating jobs. Information technology salary were lucrative since 1990’s when India had put its tender steps in the world of silicon technologies. India is one of the largest bases IT infrastructure and product creation, second to only the United States. India’s IT cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, etc. are receiving huge Information Technology development outsourcing from across the world and it enables the industry here to develop IT products at reasonable cost.

Information Technology salary section brings approximate average salaries in Indian IT industry. The table below gives job title wise salary information in India’s IT sector.

Job Position Median Salary Job Position Median Salary
IT Consultant 2956800 Data Centre Support Engineer 1339800
Cloud Architect 2587200 Data Quality Manager 1663200
Mobile Application Developer 2079000 Frond End Developer 894600
Web Developer 1386000 IT Manager 1663200
Software Engineer 1593900 Java developer 1432200
Vendor Manager 1524600 Junior Software Engineer 1108800
Geo-spatial Data Engineer 1709400 Network Engineer 900900
Data Analyst 1917300 Programmer Analyst 2132130
IT Support Engineer 1068606 System Security Analyst 1940400
Programmer-PHP/MysqL 1108800 Senior Programmer 1432200
.Net Developer 71380 1155000 System Designer 1709400
Computer System Analyst 1541694 Solution Architect 2079000
Network Administrator 970200 Business Analyst 2125200
Database Administrator 17948700 Technology Consultant 2975280
Application Support Analyst 1755600 Project Manager 2781240
Chief Technology Officer 18480000 Software Tester 1108800

IT Salary in Indian Cities

When we talk about Indian Information Technology Industry salaries we consider major software development centres such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Delhi, Gurgaon, etc. for standard comparison. The table below shows average salaries in IT sector for major hierarchies of IT jobs.

City Job Position Average Salary
Bangalore Senior Management Position 6798330
Middle Management Position 2406442
Senior Developer/Engineer 1747572
Entry Level IT Engineer 1226834
Chennai Senior Management Position 6118497
Middle Management Position 2165797
Senior Developer/Engineer 1572814
Entry Level IT Engineer 1104150
Hyderabad Senior Management Position 5775180
Middle Management Position 2045475
Senior Developer/Engineer 1485436
Entry Level IT Engineer 1042808
Delhi Senior Management Position 6390430
Middle Management Position 2262055
Senior Developer/Engineer 1642718
Entry Level IT Engineer 1153224
Gurgaon Senior Management Position 6582143
Middle Management Position 2329917
Senior Developer/Engineer 1691999
Entry Level IT Engineer 1187821
Cochin Senior Management Position 4758831
Middle Management Position 1684509
Senior Developer/Engineer 1223300
Entry Level IT Engineer 858784
Ahmedabad Senior Management Position 4962781
Middle Management Position 1756703
Senior Developer/Engineer 1275728
Entry Level IT Engineer 895589
Thiruvananthapuram Senior Management Position 4418915
Middle Management Position 1564187
Senior Developer/Engineer 1135922
Entry Level IT Engineer 797442