It will not be an exaggeration to claim that a financial organization’s fate is intrinsically linked to the performance of an investment banker, as he is appointed with the key task of making money for the banks or any other similar institution he is linked to. Let us find out why:-
The key responsibilities of the investment banker are listed below:-

  • Seeking venture capital or selling stocks with aim of generating cash
  • Making key decisions on selling bank stakes

Salaries and Benefits for Investment Bankers

Keeping in view the all important role played by investment bankers, the average salaries designed for them are aimed at striking a balance between their work and pay. On an average he can earn around INR 226,560 – INR2,432,818. However, we are providing you a more detailed picture of what aspiring investment bankers can earn based on their experience, degree, gender and a host of other factors:

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Salaries Based on Experience

As you go up the ladder of experience in your field, corresponding remuneration will also head north.

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 158709 – INR 687845
1-4 years INR 202028 – INR 1484792
5-9 years INR 503353 – INR 2185245

The different states and cities afford varying costs of living, hence the dissimilarities in wages:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh INR 203473 – INR 1179162
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 274149-INR 2042572
Bengaluru Karnataka INR 420000 – INR 1526047

Salaries of Investment Banker Based on States

States Annual Average Salaries
Andhra Pradesh INR 203473 – INR 1179162
Maharashtra INR 243282 – INR 2020278
Delhi INR 450000 – INR 1047619
Karnataka INR 427293 – INR 1512619

Salaries Based on Industry

An investment banker’s roles might differ considerably with the respective industries they are attached to:

Industry Annual Average Salaries
Financial Services INR 412707 – INR 1017365
Investment Banking INR 223008 – INR 1972651
Banking INR 486053 – INR 813892

Salaries of Investment Banker Based on Gender

Gender Average Annual Salaries
Male INR 160746 – INR 1630614

Salaries based on Degree

You might as well want to have a look at the degree based salaries for investment bankers if you are still confused about which course to take up:

Degree Annual Average Salaries
MBA or Master of Business Administration Finance INR 140939 – INR 2185245
Master of Business Administration or MBA INR 142980 – INR 2153171

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Other Benefits for Investment Banker

The ones listed below are included in the usual benefits package designed for Investment Bankers, though differences based on company policies might exist.

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Cell phone
  • Paid Holidays
  • Company car
  • Life Insurance
  • Cash Bonus

*Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time.

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