The key functions of Investment banking professionals or associates are to aid government and companies issue securities and to provide financial advice as and when required. Other responsibilities include helping investors buy securities, identify and forge fresh deals, management of financial assets, dealing with trade securities etc. The page is aimed at providing you with detailed information about the salaries earned by investment banking associates at different stages of their career. Varying costs of living in different cities, sex, skills, degrees earned-everything goes on to determine the pay packet of these individuals. Let us find out more:

Investment Banking Salary in India

On an average investment banking associates pocket around INR 203,501- INR 2,124,050 per year. While the average annual pay stands at INR 164,716 – INR 1,979,722 in private practice, the company wise pay can be something around INR 185,664 – INR 1,631,585. Other specifics are listed below:-

Investment Banking Salaries Based on Experience

The salary ranges head steadily northwards with a person,s growing number of years in the field. A glimpse of the salaries based on experience is provided below so that you can track the gradual progression in this regard:

Experience Annual Average Salaries
Less than a year INR 116350 – INR 1594659
1-4 years INR 171377 – INR 1548942
5-9 years INR 358187 – INR 1652876
10-19 years INR 546843 – INR 2576050

Salaries based on Cities

The range of salaries is usually directly proportional to the costs of living in the cities:

City INR 182618 – INR 1552166
Bangalore Karnataka INR 181207 – INR 893964
Pune Maharashtra INR 290874 – INR 1843115
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 163206 – INR 1775386
Gurgaon Haryana INR 55946 – INR 906036

Salaries based on Skills

Different sets of skills mastered by associates can influence the pay packets as well:

Skills Average Annual salaries
Operations Management INR 163000 – INR 1032000
Financial Analysis INR 201932 – INR 1957535
Microsoft Excel INR 200458 – INR 356078
Financial Modelling INR 982635 – INR 1831257
Java/J2EE INR 398302 – INR 1622091

Salaries based on Gender

The gender based salaries stand something like this:

Gender Annual Average Salaries
Female INR 187913 – INR 1378736
Male INR 184934 – INR 1654788

Salaries based on Degree or Certification

The kind of degrees or certification earned by the individual is instrumental in determining his wages:

Degree or Certification Average Annual salaries
Bachelor's Degree INR 163596 – INR 1507769
B Com INR 188666 – INR 813892
Master of Business Administration or MBA INR 214289 – INR 1700000
Business Certificate INR 165199 – INR 1092622
Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com Economics INR 127451 – INR 580000
CA or Chartered Accountant INR 597997 – INR 2908740
Master of Business Administration Finance INR 218156 – INR 1658344
CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst INR 208342 – INR 1957428
CPA or Certified Public Accountant INR 700000 – INR 1500000

Investment Banking Job Benefits

The usual benefits and perks enjoyed by investment banking individuals are

  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Life Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance

*Salaries are subject to change with time

Education Required

The minimum preferable qualification would be a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or finance. A Master’s degree in finance or business administration is ideal for those who want to pursue higher studies.
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