Amazingly, how people of this generation have started craving for an apple ! By apple it doesn’t mean the fruit but the gadget. Mass of the people desire to own an apple and mass of them have owned one already. It is just so hard to get rid off this gadget as it has one of the best operating systems. This operating system is exclusively made for apple gadgets. Those who develop iOS applications have to be really good at it and they are paid according to their capability. This write up is written to focus on the salary of iOS developers in India.

The applications market is just not limited to the general users but has also turned out to be a great support to business and international users. This ever-changing and budding industry has not only fascinated customers, but also various businesses. iOS developers have witnessed a breakthrough in all these years.

The average salary of iOS developers in India ranges from Rs. 25K – Rs. 35K. Experience strongly influences the income in this profession. iOS developers are being paid better than other developers as it is more challenging to develop iOS applications than others. People working as iOS developers rake around Rs. 2 Lakh – Rs. 8 Lakh per annum in India. Salary of professionals vary according to the experience and skills. Skills have a major impact on the salary of professionals.

iOS Developer salary with different levels of experience

As mentioned above, experience has major influence on the income of professionals. One gets paid according to the years of experience. Salary according to levels of experience is listed in the following table.

Experience Level Salary Range ( Per Year)
Entry Level Rs. 2 Lakh – Rs. 7 Lakh
Mid Level Rs. 4.5 Lakh – Rs. 15.5 Lakh
Experienced Level Rs. 6 Lakh – rs. 18 Lakh

iOS Developer salary in different companies

Since the demand of iOS applications has grown rapidly, so the companies are looking forward to hire potential workforce who can develop iOS apps and make it go live fast. In this age of competition, companies are giving their best to bring their app first in the market. Companies are ready to recruit the developers with lucrative pay packages. Average salary packages according to the different companies are listed in the following table.

Average Salary for iOS Developers in Different Companies in India
Particulars Average Salary (Per year)
Zoho Rs. 7.1 Lakh
AirWatch Rs. 7.8 Lakh
Sourcebits Rs. 6.3 Lakh
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs. 7.7 Lakh
SAP Rs. 4.2 Lakh
ABC Rs. 6 Lakh
LogicTree IT Solutions Rs. 4 Lakh
Goibibo Rs. 8.5 Lakh

Comparison with Android Developer

Existence of two eminent developers like iOS developers and android developers, it naturally brings comparison between two of the developers. Apple being the luxury gadget, pays more to its developers, whereas android developers are being paid lesser. Besides, the salaries of developers, skills also differ for both of the developers. iOS developers are being paid salary ranging from Rs. 35K – Rs.70K per month and android developers are able to rake from Rs. 30K – Rs. 60K per month. Depending upon the market and demand iOS developers are ruling this sector as of now.