Established in the year 1975 in the month of October, ITC Hotels today has emerged as one of the leading hotel chains of the country. One of the key strategic exploits of the hotel, recently, has been its collaboration with Sheraton Corporation to fortify its international presence. The four distinct brands of ITC are ITC Hotels, Fortune Hotels, WelcomHotel (Sheraton) and WelcomHeritage


As per available information, ITC pays salaries below nine per cent of the market rates. Here is more on the same:

Annual Average Salaries in ITC based on Job Category

The Pay Packages meant for varied job profiles are amply reflective of the employment status of the individuals and the job responsibilities shouldered by them as well:
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Job Category Annual Average Salaries
Restaurant Manager INR 291 000- INR 593 000 with an annual average of INR 442 151
Junior Head Operations INR 572 000- INR 622 00
GSA INR 162 000- INR 178 000
Sales Manager INR 769 000- INR 829 000
Culinary INR 114 720- INR 120 000
Front Office Assistance INR 149 000- INR 162 000
Assistant Manager INR 168 000- INR 372 000 with an annual average of INR 271 896
Hotels and Restaurant INR 95 000- INR 104 000
Associate INR 81 216- INR 87 384

ITC Salaries based on cities

Pay structures also vary with different cities. This is because ITC duly compensates its employees on the costs of living borne by them in different cities. Have a look and decide for yourself:

Cities Annual Average Salaries
Mumbai Maharashtra INR 400 000
Delhi Delhi INR 444 000

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Benefits and Perks in ITC

The package of benefits designed by a company is not only meant to be a key means of employee retention but also a genuine effort on the company’s part to prepare its members for the tough challenges in their corporate life ahead. Thus the corporate strategists are pushing the envelope further to redefine the meaning of “an ideal corporate ambience”. Whereas earlier pensions, gratuity, and post retirement monetary benefits acted as a key component of employee retention strategies, now everything starting from trainings, relocation, even the scope of learning through everyday communication, interactive programs are considered important for boosting the corporate understanding of employees. See for yourself, how ITC works towards that end. The comprehensive package of benefits meant for the ITC employees are listed below:

Particulars Salary
Cell Phone INR 572 000
Paid Sick Leave INR 440 000
Relocation Expenses INR 592 000
Company Pension Plan INR 592 000
Paid Vacation or Holidays INR 440 000

Vacation Weeks

Experience Number of vacation weeks allowed
1-4 years 4.0 weeks

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More on Benefits at ITC

The ITC Hospitality Management Institute conducts a program known as “The WelcomLegionnaire Programme whereby students can apply for a four and a half years’ course in Hospitality Management that includes an Undergraduate Degree Course. Generally under conditions, the costs of the training are borne by ITC itself, where trainees are entitled to scholarships as well. Successful candidates (here meaning the graduates) are then offered key positions at ITC’s hotels across the nation.