Operating since 1993 in India, Jet Airways in a very short span has achieved an enviable status of being one of the fastest growing airlines across the globe. Today it functions across 53 destinations in India and 20 International destinations offering some of the best deals to its customers. Some of the international destinations covered by this aviation major are Bangkok, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Colombo, Brussels etc

Scope of Jobs in Jet Airways

The range job opportunities at Jet Airways extend primarily to these following areas es, gender etc.

  • Flight Operations
  • Cabin Crew
  • Medical
  • Flight Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Salaries in Jet Airways

As per available information Jet Airways offers fairly decent salaries to its employees.Here is more:

Job Category Average Monthly Salaries
Flight Attendant INR 9,514- INR 31,000 (with an average of INR 20,378 per month)
Supervisor INR 23,000- INR 38,000 (with an average of INR 28,667 per month)
Cabin Crew INR 9,514- INR 31,000/mo

Contractor- Cabin Crew INR 31,000 INR 34,000/mo

AME INR 43,000- INR 115,000 with a monthly average of INR 78,964 per month
Customer services – Manager INR 676,000- INR 881,000 with an annual average of INR 778,434
Flight Attendant (Hourly Pay) INR 286,000- INR 335,000 with an average of INR 310,42

Salaries at Jet Airways based on Experience

Salaries at Jet Airways based on Experience
Job Category Years of Experience Average Annual Salaries
Executives 0-3 years INR 3.5 lakh
3-7 years INR 4.3 lakh
7+ years INR 6.27 lakh
Cargo Professionals 0-3 years INR 1.43 lakh
3-7 years INR 2.9 lakh
7+ years INR 6.08 lakh

Salaries at Jet Airways based on the job posts
Here is a look at some of the salaries that had been offered by Jet Airways during certain vacancies:

Pilot jobs (Captain Base) with projected salary of INR 51800
Pilots (FO Base) with projected salary of INR 38700

Jet Airways Salaries- Some facts

Some of the highest paid profiles at Jet Airways are-

With expertise in Cargo:

  • Supervisor
  • Senior Executive Assistant
  • Cargo Assistant
  • Senior Security Assistant

Employee Benefits

Jet Airways has designed a comprehensive package of perks and benefits for its employees, which includes the following:

  • Employee Benefit Scheme
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Benefits like discounted air tickets for family and self in both International and Domestic destinations connected by Jet Airways
  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Interline tickets with International Carriers

*Salaries and benefits are subject to change with time.