About Johnson and Johnson

A reputed name in the world of health care and pharmaceuticals, Johnson and Johnson, has earned the consumer’s trust through their services, since more than a century. Established in 1886 in New Jersey, US, by the Johnson brothers, the company has made a rapid progress, and is a brand name for consumers as well as job seekers, even in 2012.
The company has many inventions to its credit, from a body lotion for removing a baby rash to skin care products for adults; the medical team of the company has given amazing products to people of every age group. And the most interesting thing about them is, that in many surgeries, laboratories and medical tests, the products introduced by Johnson and Johnson are playing a key role, even in diagnosing and curing serious diseases like, cancer, breast cancer, migraines, arthritis, obesity and many other infections.

Some major products of Johnson and Johnson are:

  • Baby Care Products
  • Skin and Hair Care Products
  • Wound Care and Tropicals
  • Oral Health Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Over-The-Counter Medicines
  • Nutritional
  • Vision Care
  • Many Prescription Medicines and Products
  • Range of Neutrogena Beauty Products
  • Range of Aveeno Beauty Products
  • Many technical devices for diagnosis
  • Acuvue Contact Lenses
  • Clean and Clear Facial Products

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Salary details for Johnson and Johnson:

Johnson and Johnson has a name around the world, especially in its good professional environment and pay schemes. They have various schemes for their employees:
Hourly pay schemes – This is an interesting scheme for the interns, which ranges from $20 – $40, depending on efficiency.
Bonus schemes – On an average basis it ranges from $7,092 – $14,393, depending on various designations.
Some major salary packages in INR are-
The salary ranges of a web designer in India according to the various states have been listed below:

Regional Sales Manager INR 501 461 INR 3 085 243
Senior Sales Executive INR 190 713 INR 1 256 777
Supply Chain Manager INR 565 775 INR 3 357 112
Area Sales Manager INR 546 829 INR 2 088 288
Business Development Manager INR 398 205 INR 2 425 624
Marketing Manager INR 471 750 INR 2 973 557
Product manager Healthcare INR 540 193 INR 2 790 310
Field sales Executive INR 173 942 INR 875 787

Career Options and Benefits in Johnson and Johnson:

While exploring career options, one looks for a reliable name and a professional work atmosphere, and Johnson and Johnson is prestigious in both of these departments. With all these features the pay scale is brilliant too, just like their brilliant services. In addition to this, the company offers brilliant benefits, retirement plans and compensations to its employees, especially to the senior and privileged employees. Performances are reviewed and rewarded on a continuous basis, and an employee gets a wonderful exposure in the healthcare business.
The company has brilliant prospects for freshers, as well as experienced professionals. In addition to that even students can apply for full time jobs in the company, while graduating, through the company’s University Recruitment System, under which it recruits students who are in their final year of education. This recruitment is conducted in the months of August to November. There are also provisions of student internship programmes, offered by the company, for which students can appear for interviews during the months of January to March. This provides a wonderful platform to youngsters to experience a world class work experience.

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Their hiring procedure:

Catering to its brand name and its reputation, the company follows a fairly organized structure of recruitment. So if you aim for a place for yourself in Johnson and Johnson, prepare yourself a little before the interview. Here are some points you can consider:

  • Learn as much about the company and its work atmosphere as you can, as they will be curious to know about your knowledge about them.
  • Interaction is the most important part, so they would expect to know equally about you as well as your accomplishments.
  • They will also be expecting from you to ask certain questions from their interview panel, this will show your interest in their company.
  • Apart from your own qualifications or degrees in the related area, they would expect you to be updated, sharp and informative in the industry on a general basis.
  • Your communication skills, presentation, and competency will be your key tools in making an impression during your interview.

Major Designations in Johnson and Johnson are:

  • Operations Management
  • Business Strategy and Integration Leader
  • Training Manager
  • Product Director
  • Associate Product Director
  • Area General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Manager
  • Manager, Laboratory Services
  • Sales Manager

Growth Opportunities in Johnson and Johnson:

With the progress of the company, the progress of its employees is also inevitable. With each passing day the company is coming up with new brands and new products which are equally successful. The company is spreading its branches and reach, more and more with time, and in today,s market it has 250 subsidiary companies around the world, with its services available in 175 countries. They conduct regular reviews on an employee,s performance, which decides increment and promotions. So an efficient and talented person should not be worried about his or her growth, when associated with Johnson and Johnson.
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Statistics for Johnson and Johnson Employees:

Percentage of male employees – 93%, and their salary range is INR 365,301 – INR 1,360,949.
Percentage of female employees – 7%, and their salary range is quite diverse, and quite unrecorded.